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Compare 1587 edition: 1 To this reaſonable requeſt had the Lorde Deputie no ſooner condiſcended,Ormonde marcheth to Dublin. than Ormond with a puiſſant army marched towardes Dub|lin, encamping in an Abbey in the ſuburbes of the Citie, named Saint Thomas Court. The approching of ſo greate an army of the Citizens ſuſpected, and alſo of Kildares counſayloures greatly diſliked, laſtly the extortion, that ye law|leſſe Souldyours vſed in the pale by ſeuerall cõ|plaintes detected: theſe three poyntes, with dy|uers other ſuſpitious circumſtances laid and put togither, did miniſter occaſion rather of further diſcorde, than of any preſent agreement.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Ormonde perſiſting ſtill in his humble ſute, ſent hys meſſenger to the Lord Deputie, decla|ring, that he was preſt and ready to accompliſhe the tenoure of his letters, and there did attende (as became him) his Lordſhip his pleaſure. And as for the company, he brought with him from Mounſter, albeit ſuſpitious braynes did rather of a malitious craftineſſe ſurmiſe the worſt, thã of charitable wiſedome dyd iudge the beſt, yet notwithſtanding, vppon conference had wyth his Lordſhippe, hee woulde not doubt to ſatiſfye hym at full in all poyntes, wherewith hee coulde bee with anye coulour charged, and ſo to ſtoppe vppe the ſpring, from whence, all theſe enuious ſuſpitions guſhed. Kildare with this mild meſ|ſage entreated, appoynted the meeting to bee at S. Patricke his Churche: where, as they were ripping vpone to the other their mutuall quar|rels, rather recounting the damage [...] they ſuſtei|ned, than acknowledging the iniuries they offe|red: the Citizens and Ormond his army,The Citie in an vprore. fell at ſome iarre, for ye oppreſſion & exaction with whi|che ye ſouldiers ſurcharged them. With whome, as part of the Citizens bickered, ſo a round knot of archers ruſht into the Churche, meanyng to haue murthered Ormond, a [...] the Captain [...] and belweather of al theſe lawleſſerab [...]e. The Erle of Ormond [...] ſ [...]ſpecting that he had bin betrayd, fled to the Chapitre houſe, put too the dore, ſpar|ring it with might and mayne. The Citizens in their rage, imagining that euery poſt in the Churche had bin [...] of ye Souldyers ſhot habbe or nabbe at randon vppe to the Roode lofte, and to the Chancell, leauing foure of theyr EEBO page image 78 arrowes ſticking in the Images.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Kildare purſuing Ormond to the Chapiter houſe dore, vndertooke on hys honor, that hee ſhould receyue no villanie. Wherevpon, the re|cluſe crauing his Lordſhips hand to aſſure hym his life, there was a clift in the Chapiter houſe dore, pierced at a trice, to the end both the Erles ſhould haue ſhaken hands, and bee reconciled.

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