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Compare 1587 edition: 1 GIrald Fitz Giralde, Earle of Kildare, ſonne to Thomas Fitz Girald, of whom mention was made in the later ende of the ſecond Booke, a mightie man of ſtature, full of honoure and courage, who had bin Deputie, and Lorde Iu|ſtice of Ireland firſt and laſt,1514 three and thirtie yeares, deceaſſed at Kildare the thirde of Sep|tember, and lyeth entombed in ye chore of Chri|ſtes Church at Dublin, in a Chappell by hym founded.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Betweene him and Iames Butler Earle of Ormond (their owne ielouſies fedde with enuy and ambition, kindled with certaine lewde fac|tious abettors of eyther ſide) as generally to all noble men, ſo eſpecially to both theſe houſes ve|ry incident, euer ſince the ninth yeare of Henrye the ſeuenth,The occaſion [...] the diſſen| [...]on betweene Kildare and Ormond. bred ſome trouble in Irelande. The plot of whiche mutuall grudge, was grounded vpon the [...]actious diſſention, that was rayſed in England, betwene the houſes of Yorke & Lan|caſter, Kildare cleauing to Yorke, and Ormond relying to Lancaſter. To the vpholding of whi|che diſcord, both theſe noble men laboured, with tooth and nayle, to ouercrowe, and conſequent|ly to ouerthrow one the other: And for aſmuch as they were in honour Peeres, they wroughte by hooke and by crooke to be in authoritie ſuperi|ours. The gouernement therefore in the reignes of Henry the ſeuenth, being caſt on the houſe of Kildare. Iames Earle of Ormond, a deepe and a farre reaching mã, giuing backe, like a butting Ramme, to ſtrike the harder puſh, deuiſed to in| [...]eigle his aduerſarie by ſubmiſſiõ and courteſie, being not then able to ouermatch him wt ſtoute|neſſe or preheminence. Wherevpon, Ormonde addreſſed his letters to the Deputie, ſperifying a ſlaunder rayſed on hym and his, that hee pur|poſed to deface his gouernemente, and to with|ſtand his authoritie, and for the cleering of him|ſelfe and of his adherentes, ſo it ſtoode with the Deputie his pleaſure, he woulde make his ſpee|dy repayre to Dublin, and there in open audi|ence, woulde purge hymſelfe of all ſuche odious crimes, of whiche he was wrongfully ſuſpected.

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