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Compare 1587 edition: 1 GIrald Fitz Giralde, Earle of Kildare, ſonne to Thomas Fitz Girald, of whom mention was made in the later ende of the ſecond Booke, a mightie man of ſtature, full of honoure and courage, who had bin Deputie, and Lorde Iu|ſtice of Ireland firſt and laſt,1514 three and thirtie yeares, deceaſſed at Kildare the thirde of Sep|tember, and lyeth entombed in ye chore of Chri|ſtes Church at Dublin, in a Chappell by hym founded.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Betweene him and Iames Butler Earle of Ormond (their owne ielouſies fedde with enuy and ambition, kindled with certaine lewde fac|tious abettors of eyther ſide) as generally to all noble men, ſo eſpecially to both theſe houſes ve|ry incident, euer ſince the ninth yeare of Henrye the ſeuenth,The occaſion [...] the diſſen| [...]on betweene Kildare and Ormond. bred ſome trouble in Irelande. The plot of whiche mutuall grudge, was grounded vpon the [...]actious diſſention, that was rayſed in England, betwene the houſes of Yorke & Lan|caſter, Kildare cleauing to Yorke, and Ormond relying to Lancaſter. To the vpholding of whi|che diſcord, both theſe noble men laboured, with tooth and nayle, to ouercrowe, and conſequent|ly to ouerthrow one the other: And for aſmuch as they were in honour Peeres, they wroughte by hooke and by crooke to be in authoritie ſuperi|ours. The gouernement therefore in the reignes of Henry the ſeuenth, being caſt on the houſe of Kildare. Iames Earle of Ormond, a deepe and a farre reaching mã, giuing backe, like a butting Ramme, to ſtrike the harder puſh, deuiſed to in| [...]eigle his aduerſarie by ſubmiſſiõ and courteſie, being not then able to ouermatch him wt ſtoute|neſſe or preheminence. Wherevpon, Ormonde addreſſed his letters to the Deputie, ſperifying a ſlaunder rayſed on hym and his, that hee pur|poſed to deface his gouernemente, and to with|ſtand his authoritie, and for the cleering of him|ſelfe and of his adherentes, ſo it ſtoode with the Deputie his pleaſure, he woulde make his ſpee|dy repayre to Dublin, and there in open audi|ence, woulde purge hymſelfe of all ſuche odious crimes, of whiche he was wrongfully ſuſpected.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 To this reaſonable requeſt had the Lorde Deputie no ſooner condiſcended,Ormonde marcheth to Dublin. than Ormond with a puiſſant army marched towardes Dub|lin, encamping in an Abbey in the ſuburbes of the Citie, named Saint Thomas Court. The approching of ſo greate an army of the Citizens ſuſpected, and alſo of Kildares counſayloures greatly diſliked, laſtly the extortion, that ye law|leſſe Souldyours vſed in the pale by ſeuerall cõ|plaintes detected: theſe three poyntes, with dy|uers other ſuſpitious circumſtances laid and put togither, did miniſter occaſion rather of further diſcorde, than of any preſent agreement.

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