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Compare 1587 edition: 1 But as for the paſſing ouer in ſilence of dy|uers euentes (albeit the lawe or rather the li|bertie of an hyſtorie requireth, that all ſhoulde bee related, and nothing whuſted) yet I muſt confeſſe, that as I was not able, vppon ſo little leaſure, to knowe all that was ſaid or done, ſo I was not willing, for ſundry reſpects, to write e|uery trim tram, that I knew to be ſaid or done. And if any bee ſo ouerthwartly waywarded, as he wil ſooner long for yt I haue omitted, than he will be cõtented with that I haue chronicled, I cannot deuiſe in my iudgement a better way, to ſatiſfye his appetie, than wt one Doly, a peictour of Oxford, his anſwere: who being appointed to tricke out the tenne commaundementes, omit|ted one, and pourtrayed but nyne, which faulte eſpied by hys maiſter, yt hyred him: Doly aun|ſwered, that in very deede, he poynted but nine: howbeit, when he vnderſtood, yt his maiſter had well obſerued and kepte the nine commaunde|ments, EEBO page image 77 that already were drawen, hee gaue hys worde at better leyſure throughly to finiſhe the tenth. And truely ſo muſt I ſay: I haue layde downe heere to the Reader his view, a briefe diſ|courſe, wherof I truſt, hee ſhall take no greate ſurfet. And when I am aduertiſed, that hee wyll digeſt the thi [...]ne fare, that heere is diſht before hym: it may be, Godwilling, heere after, that hee ſhal find my Booke, with ſtore of more licorous deynties farſed and furniſhed, leauing to hys choyſe, eyther nicely to pickle, or greedely to ſwallow, as muche as to his contentation ſhall beſt beſeeme him.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Wherefore, my good Lorde, ſith I may not denye, [...] that the worke is painefull, and I doe forecaſt, that the miſconſtruction may be peril|lous: the toyleſomneſſe of the payne, I referre to my priuate knowledge, the abãdoning of the pe|rill, I committe to your honorable patronage, not doubting thereby, to be ſhielded agaynſt the ſiniſter gloſing of malitious interpretors.

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