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Compare 1587 edition: 1 1 [...]5The paſſage being thus wonne, and the eni|mies put to flight on Eaſter euẽ, vpon the Tueſ|day in Eaſter weeke they came through like vic|torers vnto Lymerike, and as it was wonne vpõ a Tueſday (as before ye haue heard) ſo nowe it was likewiſe reſcued vpon a Tueſday.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The kings of [...], and [...] come to a par|ley with Rey|mond.After this, the king of Connagh, and the king of Thomond came to a parley with Reymonde about .xvj. myles diſtant from Lymerike beyond Kelleleonyne in one ſelfe day, though not togy|ther, nor in one ſelfe place. They grew in both the places to this effect in their talk, that either prince deliuering hoſtages, renued their othes of fidelitie vnto the king of Englande, and ſo in louing wife they departed eche from other.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The ſame time Dermote or Dermucius Ma|charthy,Dermucius Marcharthy prince of Deſ|mond vexed by his ſonne Kormac Ole|tham. prince of Deſmond, was by his eldeſt ſon Kormac Oletham in maner expulſed out of his countrey, wherevpon he ſued vnto Reymond for ayde againſt his vnnaturall ſon. Reymond mo|ued aſwel at the erneſt prayer, as promiſe of large entertainment, toke vpon him that enterpriſe, and turning his victorious enſignes towards Cork, he ſo vſed the matter that his armye was in ſhort ſpace greatly enriched, what with ſpoile & wages, & plenty of vitailes, which they recouered in thoſe parties, in ſuch wiſe that they ſent great abũdance vnto Limerik, for Dermote Macharthy by ye help of Reymond reſtored now wholy again vnto his dominion, ſought to pleaſure him and his cõpany in all things he might.The crafty diſ|ſimulation of the ſonne to intrappe the father. But yet Kormac vnder colour of peace, led forth his father Dermote craf|tily with fayre wordes, till he got him into his hands, & committed him to priſon, but within a while after, the father recõpenſing his ſonne with like curteſie, practiſed his ſonnes death,To what ende it came. whileſt he ſo remayned in priſon, and bringing his purpoſe to paſſe, was ſo deliuered.

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