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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Earle carefull to ſend ayde to relieue his men thus brought into that extremitie, vpon mo|uing the matter to his men of warre, whome he ment to ſent forward about that enterpriſe,The loue which the ſol|diers bare to Reymond. hee found them ſo diſmayd for the departing of Rey|monde, that with one generall voyce they flatly denied to go on that iourney without him.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Erle conferring vpon this refuſall of his men of warre with the Commiſſioners, it was a|greed by their conſents, that Reymonde ſhoulde haue the leading of the army vnto Lymerike, and ſo ſetting forward with .lxxx. knightes, two .C. other horſemen, and three hundred archers, beſide ſuch Iriſhe men as he tooke with him, vnder the conduct of Murchard Kenceili,Murcharde Kenceili. & Dunald of Oſ|ſorie, with this power he went firſt vnto Caſ|ſhell, hearing by the way that the enimies hauing left the ſiege of Lymerike, were layde in the paſe of Caſſhell, which being of it ſelfe a very comber|ſom ſtrayt, & hard to get through by nature of the place, they had made it much more noyſome to thoſe that ſhould attẽpt to paſſe that way, in lay|ing trees ouerthwart and caſting ditches a tra|uerſe, which they fẽced with hedges plaſhed aloft vpon the rampire.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Engliſhmẽ deuided their army into three wards, the vantgard being led by Meiller, ruſhed forth to the hedge with ſuch violẽce, that they bare down & tore the ſame in peeces, as it had bin ſome ſtrange tempeſt of wind, & with their ſwords they made way & opened ye paſſage, not without great ſlaughter of them that ſtood there at defence a|gaynſt them.

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