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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Reymond diſpoſing things in order for the ſure gard of that citie, cauſed vitails from ech ſide to be brought into it, and leauing there .l. knights two hundred horſmen, and .CC. archers, vnder the gouernment of Miles of S. Dauid hys cou|ſin that was appoynted captaine of that citie,Miles of Saint [...]uid. he returned and drew into Leyniſter with the reſi|due of his people in ſafetie, hauing thus obteyned a notable victorie.Heruey enuy| [...] Reymonds [...]. But as enuie is euer a com|panion to well doing, though not to further, but readie ſtill to hinder the ſame, ſo Heruie bearing a continuall ſecrete grudge agaynſt Reymondes glorie, that neyther reſpect of affinitie, nor other reaſonable conſideration coulde cauſe him to forget it, ſticked not to ſende Meſſengers to the King, with ſiniſter informations agaynſt Rey|monde, wrongly interpreting all hys doings, in ſo muche that he put into the kings head, how he went about as one fully determined thervpon, not onely to vſurpe to hymſelfe and his, the Ci|tie of Lymerike, but alſo all Irelande, greatly a|gaynſt the kings honour and his owne promiſed fidelitie.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The king crediting ſuch reports,Foure Com|miſſioners ſent into Ire|lãd to enquire of Reymondes demeanor. ſent ouer foure commiſſioners into Ireland to examine the mat|ter, & to make a true certificat of the ſtate of that land. The names of thoſe commiſſioners were theſe, Robert Poer, Oſbert de Herloter, Adam de Gernemuth, and William de Bendenges. Two of them he appoynted to returne backe, & to bring Reymonde with them: the other two hee com|maunded to remaine there with the Erle.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 As Reymond then was readie to paſſe the ſea to come ouer, ſtaying only for a proſperous wind, there came meſſengers from them that lay in Ly|merike,Donald Prince of Thomond. bringing word yt Donald prince of Tho|mond had beſieged thẽ with an infinit multitude of people, and bycauſe they had ſpent all their pro|uiſiõ of vitails, there was no remedie but to ſuccor EEBO page image 36 them with ſpeed, for otherwiſe they could not en|dure agaynſt the force of their aduerſaies.

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