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Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 About the kalends of Iune,1177 Richard Strang|bow Erle of Pembrooke departed this life, wherof Reymond aduertiſed, conſulting with his truſtie friends, betaketh Lymerike to the keeping of Do|nald prince of Thomonde, as to one of the kings faythfull Barons, receyuing of him both pledges, and ſwearing him alſo to preſerue that Citie frõ hurt, and to reſtore it to the king of Englands vſe whenſoeuer he was thervnto required. This done, he with the army departed towards Leyniſter, to defend that countrie and the hauen townes there, for the more ſuretie of the Engliſh poſſeſſions in Ireland. But he was no ſooner come to the fur|ther end of the bridge, but the other end next to the Citie was broken downe,The treaſon of Donalde. and the Engliſh men might behold fire ſet in foure corners of the Citie, to their great grief, which was done by treaſon of Donald, ſhewing a taſt what credit was to be gi|uen vnto the people of that nation by that his diſ|loyall periurie and breach of othe ſo lately taken, without all feare of Gods vengeance to folow, or ſhame of the world that might be imputed to him amongſt men of honeſt reſpect.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 At Reymonds comming to Dublin,Earle Strang|bow buried. the bo|die of the Earle was buried in Chriſtes Church within that Citie, the Archebiſhop Laurence do|ing the office of the funerals. For the Earle in his life time had commaunded that his bodie ſhoulde be kept aboue grounde till Reymond were come, and till his comming the Earles death in deede was kept ſecrete, ſo that few vnderſtood thereof.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 This Earle was of colour ruddye and freck|led, with great eyes, of a feminine vyſage, ſmall voyce, ſhorte necke, of ſtature tall, and a good|ly perſonage, lyberall and curteous, and where ſubſtaunce wanted to ſhewe his franke heart, hee ſupplyed it with gentle wordes, more readie to o|bey than to commaunde. At home more lyke a Souldier than a Captayne, but abrode in the warres he ſhewed himſelfe a Captayne, and not a Souldier. Although he neuer would enterpriſe any exployt of himſelfe without the aduice of o|ther, being once ioyned in fight with his enimies, EEBO page image 37 he ſtoode as an aſſured ſtandard for his people to haue recourſe to, for their ſafetie. And howſoeuer the chance of battail turned he was euer conſtant and ſtable, neyther drowping as one in diſpayre whẽ fortune ſeemed to frown, nor too ioyful whẽ ſhe was diſpoſed to fawne. He left no iſſue behind him in life but one daughter named Iſabell,William Mar|ſhall marieth the daughter of Erle Strang|bow. ma|ried after .xiiij. yeares to William Earle Mar|ſhall.

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