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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Dermote not yet ſatiſfyed in his moode agaynſt them of Dublin, got his army on foote, and drew towardes that Citie by the bending coaſtes of the Mountaynes of Glindelachan, auoyding the wayes that lay through the wooddes, bycauſe hee knew ye ſame to be beſet with his enimies. Ther|fore hauing ſtill in remembrance the iniurie done to his father, kept him out of the woods, hating the Citizins of Dublin chiefely bycauſe they had trayterouſly ſlaine his father in tyme paſt, in the EEBO page image 26 middeſt of a great houſe, whither they were wont to repayre as to a place where cauſes were vſual|ly heard: and to adde a reproche to their cruell murthering of their Prince, they buried him togi|ther with a dog. At the kings approch to the city, whileſt Ambaſſadors were ſent, and that by me|diation of the Archbiſhoppe of that Citie named Laurence, a treatie of peace was in hande, while Reymond on the one ſide, and Myles Cogan a right valiant knight on the other, with their com|panies of yong luſtie ſoldiers aſſaulting ye walles forthwith obteined the victorie, not without great ſlaughter of the Citizens,Dublin taken. the better part of them yet with Captaine Haſtulf got them to ſhipboord with their beſt goods, & haſted thẽce vnto ye north Iles.Miles Cogan left in Dublyn to keepe the Citie. Dermote hauing thus wonne the Citie of Dublyn, & ſet things in order there, he left Miles Cogan to gouern the ſame, & marched forth togi|ther with the Erle of Pẽbroke, & the reſt of the ar|my into Methe, & entred into the confines of that countrey, waſted & ſpoiled with fire & ſworde the whole region of Methe.Rotherike ſendeth meſ|ſengers to Dermote. Rotherike king of Con|nagh ſent vnto Dermote to put him in remem|brance of the couenant paſſed betwixt them, & ſpe|cially to reſtraine the excurſions of the ſtrangers, that were in his companie, for elſe he would not faile to put to death his ſonne whom he had with him as a pledge. Which to do, when Dermote did not onely refuſe, but alſo declared plainly that he would not ſtay from purſuing his purpoſe, till he had ſubdued al Cõnagh,Roderike cau|ſeth the heade of Dermot his ſonne to be ſtriken off. & obteyned the Monar|chie of ye whole Ile apperteining to him by right diſcẽded frẽ his anceſters: Roderik taking indig|natiõ hereat, cauſed his ſõnes head to be ſtrikẽ off.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Iriſh Clergie perceyuing in what danger the countrey ſtood, aſſembled thẽſelues togither at Ardmagh, and with one accord proteſted, that for their ſinnes, & ſpecially for their barbarous kind of tyrannie which they vſed in buying and ſelling, and vilely abuſing ſuch Engliſh captiues as they bought, aſwel of Merchants as Pirates, the land was now like to be tranſlated to that nation whõ they had ſo cruelly intreated. Therfore to appeaſe the wrath of God, they decreed that all the Eng|liſh people whereſoeuer any of them remayned in ſeruitude within the Ile, ſhoulde forthwith be re|leaſed, and if it pleaſed God to lay his ſcourge vp|pon them, they determined to ſuffer the ſame pa|ciently, as a puniſhment a great way beneath the fulneſſe of their deſertes.

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