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Reymond le Grace is ſent ouer from the Erle of Pem|broke into Irelande.


The Earle diſſembling to vnderſtand the hol|lowneſſe of the Kings heart and good will to|wardes his preferment, firſt furniſhed forth hys couſin Reymond le Grace, nephew by an elder brother vnto Fitz Stephans, and Fitz Geralde, with .x. knightes and .lxx. Archars about the Ka|lendes of May, appoynting him to paſſe ouer be|fore him into Irelande. Who landing neare to a rocke by the Sea ſide called Dundenolfe (foure myles from Waterforde, towarde Wexforde by ſouth) began there on the ſayde rocke to buylde a Fort of earth and fagots. The Citizins of Wa|terforde,The Citizins [...] Waterford take to reſiſt Reymond. and with them Machlachelin Ophelan hauing in a iealouſie the neighborhood of ſtraun|gers, aſſembled togither three thouſand men and paſſed ouer the ryuer that deuideth the Countrey of Deſmound from Leyniſter vnder their towne walles towardes the Eaſt, and deuiding themſel|ſelues into three battails marched forth, and vali|antly approched to the ditches where Reymonde with his companie was intrenched. Reymonde perceyuing them thus to approche, boldly iſſued forth agaynſt them with ſuch ſmall companie as he had there with him. Howbeit not able to make his partie good, he was forced to retyre vnto hys ſtrength, but beyng purſued vnto the very gates by the Iriſhe, thinking to enter with the Eng|liſhe men, Reymond at the very entring of the gate turned backe vppon them, and thruſt his ſworde through the firſt of his enimies that preſ|ſed next to follow him at the heeles, and calling to his people to turne vpon the aduerſarie, he ſo encouraged his companye,The Iriſh men diſcomfited. and ſtroke ſuche a feare into the Iriſh mens heartes, that they tooke themſelues to flight, and were ſo egrely followed of their aduerſaries, that aboue fiue hundred of thẽ were ſlaine, beſide a great number that were dry|uẽ to take the ſea, where they were loſt & drowned [figure appears here on page 25]

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 3 The valiancie of one William Ferrando a knight was much noted in this conflict.William Fer|rando. Seuenty towneſmen of Waterford were taken, and after|wardes (contrarie to the minde of Raymond) caſt into the ſea and drowned, through the perſwaſion of Heruie de Monte Mauriſco, in which doing the Engliſh men did great hurt to themſelues, for the aduauncement of their proceedings in Ire|land.The Earle of Pembroke paſſeth into Irelande. In the meane time the Erle of Pembrooke hauing made all his prouiſion readie, tooke the ſea in Mylforde hauen with two hundred knightes, and a thouſand other men of warre, and arriued at Waterforde on Bartholmewe euen, and the morow after Bartholmew day, being Tueſday, they aſſaulted the Citie, and were twiſe repulſed, but yet at length breaking downe an houſe that ioyned to the wall, they entred by force, and ſlea|ing the Citizins, obteyned a bloudie victorie.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Shortly after came king Dermote thither with Fitz Stephans and Reymonde, and there according to couenant, gaue vnto Erle Strang|bow, his daughter Eue in mariage, with the ſuc|ceſſion of his kingdome. When Waterford was thus gotten, and Leyniſter pacified, and the prin|ces of Oſſorie tamed, and a choſen power of men of warre placed in gariſon, King Dermote was become ſo terrible that none durſt ſtyrre agaynſt him.

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