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Compare 1587 edition: 1 King Henry although he was well contented to forbeare the preſence of the Erle of Pembroke,King Henrie miſtruſteth the increaſing ſtate of the Erle of Pem|broke. yet he liked nothing at all to ſee him thus aduan|ced in Irelande, ſith he might in time atteyne to ſuch power there, that the ſame adioyned to hys faction in Wales, he ſhould be able to coũtenance the Crowne of Englande.An Edict ſet forth to re|uoke the Eng|liſhmen forth of Irelande. An Edict therefore was made and publiſhed, charging all ſubiects to returne home into Englande before Eaſter next, vpon perill to forfeyt landes and goodes, and to be baniſhed the Realme for euer. Alſo that none ſhoulde preſume to paſſe into Irelande from any of the Kings dominions by ſhippe, to conuey a|ny wares or prouiſions thither. Wherevppon Reymond was ſent ouer to ſpeake with the king,Reymond is ſent to king Henrie. remayning as then in France. Whileſt he follo|wed the Court, and the king lingring time to de|ſpatch him with anſwere, Thomas Archebiſhop of Canterburie was diſpatched out of life,1171 as in the Engliſh Hiſtorie is mentioned.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Thus had the Iriſhe a breathing ſpace, and ſo continued all the Winter without any greate troubles, which ſeaſon being paſt,The deceaſe of Dermote Mac Mourchie. King Der|mote Mac Mourche departed this life at Fernes, about the Kalendes of May, being a man well ſtriken in yeares.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 The ſame time, that is, about Whitſuntide,Haſtulfus. Haſtulfus that in times paſt had beene gouernor of Dublyn. with .lx. ſayle fraught with Norwe|gians and Iland men, arriued neare to Dublin, and landing his people vnder the gouernment of one that had the leding of thẽ, named Iohn Hen|uode, a forwarde man of warre,Iohannes Iuſanus. they prepared themſelues to aſſault the Citie. They were well appoynted for the warre, clad in long habergeons or plate cotes cunningly wrought, with rounde targettes coloured redde, and bound about with a ring of yron, ſo that both themſelues and theyr weapons were couered with yron.The Norwe|gians aſſault Dublin. They aſſaul|ted the Citie at the Eaſt gate, but Miles Cogan then captain of that Citie manfully made a ſally forth vpon the enimies, but not able to abyde the impreſſion of ſuche an huge multitude, hauing loſt part of his ſmall number, he was conſtrayned to retyre backe into the Citie, till his brother Ri|chard Cogã iſſuing forth wt a few at the poſterne of the ſouthſide, ſet vpõ the enimies behind,They are diſ|confited. raiſing ſuch a noiſe & hobub, ye ſtriken vpon a ſodain with a maruellous feare, they toke themſelues to f [...]ight, ſo that being fiercely purſued, ye moſt part of them EEBO page image 27 were ſlaine togither with Iohn Henuode theyr Captaine.Iohannes In|ianus.

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