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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Earle of Huntley cõ|ming forward [...]de the [...]ne.The Earle of Huntley was comming fore|wardes to haue aſſiſted the Queenes parte, but the battel was ſtrikẽ, and hir people diſcomfited as ye haue heard ere he could come, and ſo he re|turned. In this battayle the valiancie of an Hieland Gentleman named Macferlane, ſtood the Regents part in great ſteede, for in the hot|teſt brunte of the fight, he came in with two hũ|dred of his friendes and countreymen, & ſo man|fully gaue in vpon the flanke of the Queenes people, that he was a great cauſe of the diſorde|ring of them. This Macferlane had bene lately before as I haue heard condẽned to die for ſome outrage by him committed, and obtayning par|don through ſuyte of the Counteſſe of Murray, he recompenſed that clemencie by this peece of ſeruice now at this battayle.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Queene perceyuing the ouerthrow of hir people, fled from the place where ſhe ſtoode to behold the battell,The Queene of Scots fleeth into England. and withdrew to Crawforde towne, and ſo by the Sauquhar to Dũdrenane in Galloway, and after ſhe had taried there two or three dayes, ſhe tooke ſhip and paſt to Wor|kington in England, where ſhe was ſtayed and conueyed to Carlile, and from thence to Bolton caſtel belonging to the lord Scroupe, who with Sir Raufe Sadler beyng ſent downe for that purpoſe, had the cuſtodie of hir, till at length ſhe was committed vnto the Erle of Shrewſbury, with whom ſhe yet remayneth.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 But now to the doings in Scotlande, the morrow after the battel being the .xiiij. of May, the Regent ſent to ſomon Hamilton caſtell, but the anſweare was reſpited till the next day, and then he that had the charge came to Glaſquho, and offered the keyes to the Regent. The ca|ſtell of Draffan was alſo yeelded the ſame time vnto the Regent.

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