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MArie be ye grace of God, Quene of Scottis,

to all and ſindrie our Iugeis, and Mini|ſteris of our Lawis, liegis, and ſubiectis quhome it efferis, to quhais knawlege thir our letteris fall cum, greting.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Forſamekle, as efter lang, greit, and intollerabill panis, & laubouris takin be vs ſen our arriuall within our Realme, for gouernement thairof, and keping of the liegis of the ſame in quyetnes, we haue not onlie bene vexit in our ſpirite, body, and ſences thairby, bot als at lenth ar altogidder ſa vexit thairof, that our habilitie, and ſtrenth of body is not habill langer to indure the ſamin.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Thairfore, and becauſe nathing eirdlie can be mair confortabil and happy to vs in this eird, nor in our lyfetime to ſe our deir Sone, the na|tiue Prince of this our Realme, placit in the Kingdome thairof, and the Crowne royall ſet on his heid, we of our owin fre will, and ſpeciall motiue, haue dimittit, and renuncit the gouern|ment, gyding, & gouerning of this our Realme, of Scotland, liegis, and ſubiectis thairof, in fa|uouris of our ſayd Sone, to that effect, that in all times heirafter, he may peciablie, and quietly enioy the ſamin without troubill, and be obeyit as natiue King, and Prince of the ſamin be the liegis thairof. And vnderſtãding that be reſſoun of his tender ȝouth, he is not of habilitie in his awin perſoun to adminiſtrate in his Kinglie rowme, and gouernement, as equytie requyris, quhill that heirefter he cum to the ȝeires of diſ|cretioun. And als knawing the proximitie of blude ſtandand betuix vs, our ſaid Sone, & our derreſt brother Iames Erle of Murray, Lord Ahirnethie. &c. And hauand experience of the na|turall affectioun, and tenderly lufe he hes in all tymes borne, and preſently be [...]ris towardis vs, honour, and eſtate of our ſaide Sone. Of quhais lufe, and fauour towardis him we can not bot aſſure our ſelf. To quhome na greter honour, wy, nor felicitie in eird can cum, nor to ſe our ſaid Sone inaugurat in his King|dome, feirit, reuerencit, and obeyit be his liegis thairof. In reſpect quhairof, and of the certane|tie, and notoritie, of the honeſtie, habilitie, quali|ficatioun, and ſufficiencie of our ſaid derreſt bro|ther, to haue the cure and Regiment of our ſaid Sone, Realme, and liegis foirſaidis, during our ſaid Sonis minoritie. We haue maid, namit, appointit, conſtitute, and ordanit, and be thir our letteris namis, appointis, makis, cõſtitutis, and ordanis our ſaid derreſt brother Iames erle of Murray, Regent to our ſaid derreſt Sone, Realme, and liegis foirſaidis, during his mino|ritie and les age, and ay and quhill he be of the age of ſeuintene ȝeiris compleit. And that our ſaid brother be callit during the ſaid ſpace, Re|gent to our ſaid Sone, his Realme, and liegis. Swa that our ſaid Sone efter the completing of the ȝeiris foirſaidis, in his awin perſoun may tak vpon him the ſaid gouernement, and vſe, & exerce all and ſindrie priuilegis, honouris, and vtheris immuniteis that appertenis to the office of ane King, alſweill in gouerning his Realme & pepill, according to the Lawis, as in repreſ|ſing the violẽce of ſic as wald inuaid, or iniuſt|lie reſiſt him or thame, or his authoritie Royal. With power to our ſaid derreſt brother Iames Erle of Murray in name, authoritie, and behalf of our ſaid maiſt deir Sone, to reſſaue reſigna|tiounis of quhatſumeuer landis haldin of him, or ȝit of offices, Caſtellis, Towris, Fortalices, mylnis, fiſchingis, woddis, benefices, or perti|nentis quhatſumener the ſamin againe in our ſaid Sonis name to gif, and deliuer ſignaturis thairvpon, & vpon the giftis of wairdis, nonen|treſſis, and releues of landis, and mariageis of airis falland, or that fall happin to fall in our ſaid Sonis handis as ſuperiour thairof. And als vpon preſentatioun of landis, benefices, e|ſchetis of guids mouabil and vnmouabill, dettis and takkis, reſpittis remiſſiounis, ſuperſedereis, and vpon the diſpoſitioun of offices vacand, or quhen thay fall happin to vaik, to ſubſeriue, and cauſe be paſt the Seillis the ſaid office of Re|gentrie, to vſe & exerce in all thingis, priuilegis, and commoditeis, ſiclyke as frelie, and with als greit libertie, as ony Regent, or Gouernour to vſe, or our predeceſſouris vſit in ony tymes by|gane, EEBO page image 508 and ſiclyke as gif euerie held, priuilege and article concerning the ſaid office wer at lenth expreſſit, and amplifyit in thir our letteris.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Promiſand to hald firme and ſtabill in the word and faith of ane Prince to quhatſumeuer thingis our ſaid derreſt brother in the premiſſis happinnis to do. Chargeing heirfo [...] ȝow all, and ſundrie our Ingeis, & Miniſteris of Law, liegis, and ſubiectis foirſeidis, to anſwer and o|bey to our ſaid derreſt brother, in all and findrie thingis concerning the ſaid office of Regentrie, as ȝe and ilk ane of ȝow will declair ȝow luiſing ſubiectis, to our ſaid maiſt deir Sone, and vnder all paine, charge, and offence that ȝe and ilk ane of ȝow may commit, and inrin againis his Ma|ieſtie in that pairt.

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