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MArie be the grace of God Quene of Scot|tis,

To all and ſundrie our Iudgeis, and Miniſteris of Law, liegis, and ſubiectis quhome it effeiris, to quhais knawlege thir our letteris ſall cum, greting.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 3 4 Forſamekle, as ſen our arri|uall, & returning within our Realme, we wil|ling the commoun commoditie, welth, profeit, and quietnes thairof, lieges, and ſubiectis of the ſamin, haue employit our body, ſpirite, haill ſen|cis, and forcis to gouerne the ſamin, in ſic ſort that our royall, & honorabill eſtate mycht ſtand, and continew with vs, and our poſteritie, and our luifing, and kynde liegis mycht enioy the quietnes of trew ſubiectis. In trauelling quhairin, not onlie is our body, ſpirite, & ſencis ſa vexit, brokin, and vnquyetit, that langer we are not of habilitie be ony meane to indure ſa greit and intollerabill panis & trauellis, quhair|with we ar altogidder veryit, bot als greit com|motiounis and troublis, be ſindrie occaſiounis in the meintyme hes enſewit thairin to our greit greif. And ſeing it bes bene the pleſour of the e|ternall God, of his kyndlie lufe, mercie, & gud|nes to grant vnto vs, of our awin perſoun, ane Sone, quha in cais be the hand of God we be veſeit, will, and of rycht, and of equitie man, and aucht to ſucceid to vs and to the gouernment of our Realme. And knawing that all creaturis ar ſubiect to that immutabill decreit of the eternal, ains to rander and gif vp this lyfe temporall, (the hour and tyme quhairof is maiſt vncer|tane) and in cais be deceis we be takin fra this lyfe, during the tyme of his minoritie, it may be dowtit greitlie that reſiſtance, and troubill may be maid to our ſaid Sone, now natiue Prince of this our Realme, in his tender ȝeires (being ſwa deſtitute of vs) to ſucceid to that rowme & Kingdome quhilk maiſt iuſtlie of al Lawis ap|pertenis to him. Quhilk inconuenient be Godis help and gade prouidence, we mene to preuent, in ſic maner, that it fall not ly in the power of ony vnnaturall ſubiectis to reſiſt Godis or|dinance in that behalf. And vnderſtanding that na thing eirdlie is mair ioyous, and happy to vs, nor to ſe our ſaid derreſt Sone, in our awin lyfe time peciablie placit in that rowme, and honorabill eſtate quhairto he iuſtlie ancht & man ſucceid to. We of the motherlie affectioun we beir toward our ſaid onlie Sone, haue re|nuncit, and dimittit, and be thir our letteris, fre|lie, of our awin motiue will renuncis, and di|mittis the gouernement, gyding and gouerning of this our Realme of Scotland, liegis, and ſub|iectis thairof, and all intromiſſioun and diſpo|ſitioun of ony caſu [...]eis, pr [...]ertie, benefices, offices, and all thingis apperteining, or heirto|foir is knawin, or heirefter fall happen to apper|tene thairto, in fauouris of our ſaid derreſt ſone. To that effect, that he may be plantit, placit, and poſſeſſit thairin, vſe and exerce all thingis be|langand thairto, as natiue King, and Prince of the ſamin, and ſiclyke as we or ony our prede|ceſſouris, Kingis of Scottis, hes done in ony tymes bypaſt. Attoure, that this our dimiſſioun may tak the mair ſolempne effect, and that nane pretend ignorãce thairof, we haue geuin, gran|tit, and committit, and be thir our letters geuis grantis, and committis our commiſſioun full, frie, and plane power, generall, and ſpeciall cõ|mand, to our traiſt couſingis, Patrik Lord Lindeſay of the Byris, and Williame Lord Ruthuen, and to ilk ane of thame coniunctly & ſeuerally, to compeir before ſa mony of the No|bilitie, Clergie, Burgeſſis, & vther pepill of our Realme, as fall happin to be aſſemblit to that effect in our Burgh of Striuiling or ony vther place or placis quhair it ſalbe thocht maiſt con|uenient, at ony day or dayis, and thair publictlie in thair preſence, for vs, in our name, and vpon our behalf dimit, and renunce the gouernement, gyding, and reuling of this our Realme, liegis, and ſubiectis thairof, all intromiſſioun with the propertie, caſualitie, or vtheris thingis apperte|ning to vs thairby, and all rycht, and tytle that we had, bes, or may haue be ony maner of way thairto, in fauouris of our ſaid Sone, to that ef|fect, that he may be inaugurat, placit, and row|mit thairin, and the Crowne royall deliuerit to him, and be obeyit in all thingis concerning the ſamin, as we, or our predeceſſouris hes bene in times bypaſt. And in likewiſe be thir preſentis geuis, grantis, and committis our full, frie, and plane power, to our rycht traiſt couſingis, Iames Erle of Mortoun, Lord of Dalkeith. Iohne Erle of Athole. &c. Iohne Erle of Mar. &c. Alexãder Erle of Glencarne, William Erle of Menteith, Iohn Maiſter of Grahame, Alex|ander EEBO page image 507 Lord Hume, Adam Biſchop of Orknay, the Proueſtis of Dundie, Montrois, or ony of thame, to reſſaue the ſaid renunciatioun, and di|miſſioun in fauouris of our ſaid Sone, & thair|efter the reſſauing thairof, to plant, place, and inaugurat him in the Kingdome, and with all ceremonies requyſit to put the Crowne royall vpon his heid, in ſigne and takin of the eſtable|ſing of him thairin, and in his name to mak, and gif to the ſaidis Nobilitie, Clergy, Burgeſſis, and vtheris our liegis his Princely and King|ly aith detfully, and lauchfully as effeiris. And to reſſaue thair aithis for dew and lauchfull ho|mage to be maid be thame to him, in all tymes cuming as becumis ſubiectis to thair natiue King and Prince. And generally all and ſun|drie vther thingis to do, exerce, and vſe, that for ſure, performance and accompliſhment heirof may, or can be done, firme and ſtable haldand, and for to hald all and quhat ſumeuer thingis in our name, in the premiſſis leidis to be done, in the word and faithfull promis of ane Prince. And ordanis thit one letters (gif neid beis) to be publiſt at all places neidfull.

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