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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The kings othe.Theſe Commiſſions being redde, the Biſhop of Argile with two ſuperintendentes proceeded to the Coronation, the Erle of Morton, and the Lord Hume tooke the othe for the king, that he ſhould rule in the faith, feare, and loue of God, and to mainteyne the religion then preached & exerciſed in Scotlande, and to perſecute all ad|uerſaries to the ſame. The whole ceremonie was done in the Scottes Engliſhe tongue, the Queene mother to the King remayning at that tyme pryſoner in Lochleuin.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 A Parliament holden at E|denburgh.The .xv. of December a Parliament begonne being holden at Edenburgh before the Earle of Murrey Lord Regent, in the which diuers actes and Statutes were deuiſed, made and ratified: as firſte concernyng the Queenes demiſſion of hir Crowne, and reſignation thereof made to hyr Sonne King Iames the ſixte. And like|wiſe concernyng the inſtituting of the Earle of Murrey in the Regencie of the Realme, which he tooke vpon hym the twoo and twentie day of Auguſt laſte paſte, accordyng to hir letters of commiſſion and procuration aboue ſpecified.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 An acte for the aboliſhing of the Popes au|thoritie in Scotland.Alſo there was an Acte made for the abo|liſhyng of the Pope, and his vſurped authori|tie, and an other Acte for the annullyng of for|mer Actes made in Parliament for maynte|naunce of ſuperſtition and Idolatrie, and here|vnto was annexed a confeſſion of the fayth and doctrine receyued by the Proteſtantes of the Realme of Scotlande, authoriſed in the ſame Parliament. There was alſo an acte made for the indempnitie of thoſe that had leuied warre, and apprehended the Queene at Car|barrie hill, the fiftenth of Iuly laſt paſt, and con|cernyng the deteyning of hir in Lochleuin.

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