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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Fyrſte, it was agreed,Articles of th [...] peace. that all the Frenche|men ſhould departe forth of the realme of Scot|lande by Sea into Fraunce, and to that effect ſhould embarke,Frenche ſoul|diers departe the Realme. & make ſaile within ye ſpace of xx. days next following: and bycauſe ye French|men hadde no ſhips, the Engliſhemen ſhoulde lende them ſhips, and certayne of the Frenche|menne remaine as pledges in Englande till the ſame ſhips were retourned.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Item,Leith they ſhoulde ren|der it. that they ſhould render the Towne of Leith: and the Frenchemen to haue their mu|nition, bagges, and baggages, to conuey away with them at their pleaſure, and that the walles of the Towne ſhoulde be throwen downe and demoliſhed.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Item,The forte be|fore Dun [...] to bee raced. they ſhoulde cauſe Monſieur Charle|boys Capitaine of Dunbarre to demoliſhe and race the forte, whiche they had builte before the Caſtell there.

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