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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The praiſe of the Queene Dowager.She was a wife and righte prudente Prin|ceſſe, and in hir time had learned good experiẽce of the nature and inclination of the nobilitie and people of Scotland.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 During the time that ſhe was Regent, ſhee kepte good iuſtice, and was well obeyd in all partes of the Realme in Orkney, and the We|ſterne Iſles: and if ſhee had to hir owne experi|ence ioyned the Counſell of the Nobles and wiſe men of the Realme of Scotland, without following the aduiſe of ſtraungers, there hadde bin neuer queſtion nor debate betwixt hir and the nobilitie as ſome deemed: but bycauſe that others, and namely, Monſieur Doyſell and Rubee were adioyned to hir by the eſtates of Scotland, who dayly preſſed hir to deuiſe new alterations of lawes, impoſitions, taxations, & ſuche things as were not in vſe in Scotlande: therefore the eſtates and people of the lande did grudge, although not for anye miſliking they hadde of hir, who ſurely deceaſſed, to the great griefe and lamẽtation of the whole num|ber of the eſtates and people of the Realme.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The deathe of that noble Princeſſe, made the Frenchemen within Leith, and alſo the Ambaſ|ſadours more diſcouraged, than otherwiſe they woulde haue bin.The Ambaſsa|dours came [...] Edinburgh. But neuertheleſſe theſe foure Ambaſſadours of Englande and Fraunce com|ming to Edinburgh, entred in conference amõg themſelues, vppon articles proponed aſwell for reliefe of the Scottiſhemen, as for the weale and ſuertie of the Queene of England and hir Sub|iectes, wherevpon certaine Lordes of Scotland were admitted to talke wyth them alſo:They haue conference. Peace is con|cluded. and af|ter long treatie, a peace was concluded the tenth of Iulye, in the yeare of God .1560. wyth certaine articles touching aſwell Scottes, and Frenche, as Engliſhemen, the effect where|of here enſueth.

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