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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Item that the Engliſhemenne ſhoulde raiſe theyr ſiege and departe forthe of Scotland,The Engliſh+men ſhould departe alſo. after the departure from thence of the Frenchmenne, and raſing of the walles of Leith and Dun|barre.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Item,An acte of o [...]|liuion to be made. that there ſhoulde bee made an acte of obliuion, in which the Q. of Scotlãd, wyth cõ|ſent of the french K. hir huſbande ſhoulde forget and burie in obliuion all attemptes made by the Lords of Scotland, againſt their authoritie, frõ the tenth daye of March .1558. to the firſt day of Auguſt, in the yeare of grace .1560. And for cõ|firming thereof, a Parliament ſhould be holden in Edenburgh, in the moneth of Auguſt nexte enſuing, in which Parliamente the ſame ſhould bee ratified and allowed by the aduice of the e|ſtates of the Realme of Scotland.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Alſo it was agreed,A Parliament to be kept. that there ſhoulde bee a commiſſion ſent from the Frenche King, and the Queene of Scotlãde, to hold the ſame Par|liament to the effect aforeſaide.

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