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Compare 1587 edition: 1 In the time of this ſiege, the yong Larde of Lethington, Secretary to the Queene, beeyng with hir in Leith, left the Towne, and ſecrete|ly departing, gote him to the Lordes, and holp greately afterwards to obteyne ayde forthe of England.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Queene came to Edẽ|burghe.After this, the Queene and Frenchmẽ came to Edenburgh, whiche was peaceably rendred to them, where they remayned all that winter.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 3 Newe men [...]e into Scotlande.About the ſame time, the Biſhop of Amiẽs, Monſieur de la Broſſe, and two Doctors of Diuinitie, came into Scotland in September, and La Broſſe was made Leuetenaunt of the Frenche armye: Monſieur Martignes, coronell of the footemen, and with them came a greate company of Frenche Souldiers to the Queene Regent, ſo that then the Frenche power was thirtie fiue hundred good men of warre, beſyde two bands of Scottes ſouldiers, vnder the lea|ding of Captayne Anthony Kenedie, & Iames Steward of Cardonald. The Lords of Scot|lande perceyuing the Frenchmen encreaſed, ſo that they by their owne forces onely,The lords ſẽd for aide vnto the Queene of Englande. were not able to reſiſt them, ſente to the Queene of En|glande Elizabeth for aſſiſtaunce, to expell the Frenchmen, which the Queene of Englande graunted, not onely for to ſerue the Scottiſh|mens turne, but ſpecially for the ſuretie of hyr owne Realme and ſtate, whiche as then was thought ſtoode in daunger of trouble, in caſe the Frenchmen were ſuffered to remayne in Scot|land, conſidering the euill dealing of the french King and his counſell in ſome pointes alreadye ſhewed.They had theyr requeſte graunted thẽ. The Queene of England therefore ſent the Duke of Northfolke to Berwike, whi|ther came to him the Earle of Argile, the Prior of Sainte Andrewes, the Maiſter of Max|well, and the yong Lorde of Ledington Secre|tarie, and made agreement to haue ayde of En|glande, to the effect aforeſaide. And for ſure kee|ping heereof,Pledges ſente into England. the Scottiſh Lords deliuered pled|ges into England, there to remaine during the life of the King of Fraunce, and one yeare after his deceaſe. The pledges were theſe: Dauid Ha|milton, ſonne to the Duke of Chatellereault, an other called Campbell, Couſin to the Earle of Argile, Robert Dowglas, brother to ye Pri|or of S. Andrews, and the Lard of Lochleuin, and a ſonne of the Lord Ruthuenne.

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