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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Aboute the ſame tyme,Lorde Ham|milton taketh parte with the erle of Argile. Iames Hamilton Earle of Arraine, eldeſt ſonne to the Duke of Chatellereault, and Captaine of the Scottiſhe Companie of mẽ of armes & archers in France, being fledde for Religion ſecretely to Geneua, from thence came by the conuoy of M. Ran|dall Engliſhman into England, which at hys comming into Scotlande hee performed, and ioyned himſelfe with the Earle of Argile, and other Lords in the cauſe aforeſayd.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Duke of Chatellereault, the Earles of Arguile, Arrane, and others,The towne of Glaſquo is taken. came to the towne of Glaſquo, and cauſed ye Images and Altares to be taken downe, ſeiſing the Biſhops liuing into their hands, and tooke the Caſtell of Glaſ|quo perteyning to the Biſhoppe, and put cer|tayne Gentlemenne into it to keepe it, whereof the Frenchmen beeing aduertiſed, marched for|ward to Glaſquo, to the number of fiue thou|ſande men, the Biſhop of Glaſquo, the Lordes Sempell, Seton, Ros, and diuers other wyth EEBO page image 490 them, tooke the Caſtell againe, and ſtaying one night in the Towne, returned on the next mor|rowe to Kickintulloch, and frõ thence to Lith|quo and Edenburgh.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 After their returne from Glaſquo, a certaine number of Frenchmenne went to Striueling, and paſſing by the bridge ouer the water of Firth, came into Fiffe, in purpoſe to haue gone vnto Saint Andrewes, and to haue fortified the Towne, but they being in Kingcorne, there aſ|ſembled togyther in Fiffe the Earles of Arrane and Rothes, the Prior of Saint Andrewes, the Lord Ruthuen, the Maiſter of Lindſey, and di|uers other, hauing with them no greate num|ber,Certaine frenchmenne ſlaine. but yet they daylye ſkirmiſhed with the Frenchmen, and would not ſuffer them to come from the Seaſyde, where diuers Frenchmenne were ſlayne, and one of their Captaynes, with thirtie of his Souldiers, and few Scottiſhmen or in manner none, excepte that the Earle of Southerland, who chanced to be with them at the pricking, was ſore hurt in the arme with the dredge of a calliuer ſhot.

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