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Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 This yeere in the moneth of Iune the queene Dowarier, and the Gouernour,1552. wente into the North partes of Scotlande, and at Inuernes, Elgin, Bamf, Abyrdene, and Perth,Wrongs don, are by iuſtice redreſsed. the Go|uernour ſatte in Iuſtice for redreſſe of wrongs and adminiſtration of rightuous lawes and orders. And afterwardes they repayred to the Weſte partes, and ſatte lykewiſe in Iuſtice at Dunfreis, and in other places in that EEBO page image 482 countrey, where diuers were put to their fines for tranſgreſſing the lawes, but fewe or none touched by corporall puniſhment. In this iourney the Queene ſecretly trauayled with the Lordes,The Queene mother ſeketh to be gouer|nour. bothe ſpirituall and temporall, to haue their conſentes to be regent of Scotland, imme|diatly after hir doughter the Queene came to ſufficient yeres, and that the time of hyr Tuto|riſhip were accõpliſhed, or ſooner if the lawes of the realme would ſo permitte: and to aſſure hir ſelfe of their good willes in this behalfe, ſhe con|tracted ſundry priuy bãdes wt thẽ, making large promiſes of great rewardes vnto euery of them.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 To conclude, this matter was ſo handled by hir & others to whom ſhe committed the doings therein,


The gouern|ment is 1. ſig|ned vnto the Queene.

that in the yeare following the Gouer|nour agreed to ſurrender vp the gouernance in|to hyr handes hyr doughter the young Queene beyng not yet full .xij. yeares of age. The Go|uernour was promiſed not only a full diſcharge and a quietus eſt of al his doyngs, aſwell for re|cept of money, iewels, and other things duryng the time of his gouernment, but alſo a confir|mation of the heritable gifte of the Dukedome of Chatelerault, likewiſe an other confirmation of all giftes and reſtitutions by him made, du|ring the time he had exerciſed the office of Go|uernour. And forthwith the Queene Dowarier ſent into Fraunce to get all theſe things diſpat|ched with ſuche aſſuraunces of wrytings vnder hands and ſeales as was expedient, & to be ſent home into Scotlãd for his ſecuritie in al things.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 This yeare the ſixte of Iuly Edwarde the ſixte of that name kyng of Englande departed this life, and after him ſucceeded his ſiſter Ma|rie, eldeſt doughter to King Henry the .viij.

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