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Compare 1587 edition: 1 In May the Frenchmen & Almaignes were enbarqued at Leith in .xvj. French ſhippes,The Frenchm [...] returne hom [...] and certayne Scottiſh ſhippes, and departing from thence returned into Fraunce. A fewe there were as Nigropellice and S. Faleiſe, Capi|taynes of light horſemen, with others that paſ|ſed through Englande, and ſo home into theyr EEBO page image 481 countrey.The Marques [...] Mayne. Moreouer the Marques de Maine, after Duke Daumalle cõmyng ouer into En|gland about the ſame time for an hoſtage, paſ|ſed afterwardes through the realme into Scot|land, to viſite his ſiſter Queene Dowarier, and ſhortly after returned. They mourned both for the death of theyr father Claude de Lorayne, ye firſt Duke of Guyſe,The death of the firſt Duke [...] Guyſe. who deceaſſed the .xviij. of Aprill this preſent yeare 1550.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 In Septẽber followyng, the queene Dowa|rier accompanied with the Earles of Huntley, Caſſils, Marſhall, & Southerlande, and diuers other of the Scottiſh nobilitie tooke the ſea, and ſayling to Fraunce landed at Diepe:The queene [...] ſay| [...]d into Frãce ſhe was conueyed thither by the Prior of Capoa, Leone Strozzi, ſent and appointed with .vj. Galeys to haue the conduction of hir. From Diepe ſhe re|moued to Rowen, where the king then lay, of whome ſhee was right courteouſly receyued. The maſter of Erſkin,

Hence be| [...]n Scotlãd and the lowe countreys of [...]land.

155 [...].

& maſter Henry Sinclar Deane of Glaſquo ſayled into Flaũders, where they paſſed & confirmed a peace betwixt Scot|lande and the lowe countreys. After that the Queene Dowarier had remayned aboute a .xij. monethes or more in Fraunce, this yeare in October, ſhe returned homewardes to paſſe tho|row Englãd: ſhe landed at Porteſmouth, and the ſecond of Nouẽber ſhe came frõ Hampton courte by water,The Queene [...]et cõ| [...]h home [...] tho|ugh Englãd. and landed at Powles wharfe in the after noone, and from thence roade to the Biſhop of Lõdons palace by Paules, and there lodged. The .iiij. of Nouember ſhe roade in hir charet to the kings palace of the white Hall, ac|cõpanied with the Ladie Margaret Dowglas, the three Ducheſſes of Suffolke, Richmont, & Northumberland, [...] receyuing [...]. & diuers other great Ladies & Gentlewomen both Scots and Engliſh. At the courte gate the Dukes of Northumberland and Suffolke, & the Lord Threſorer were ready to receyue hyr, and at hir entring into the Hall, the king ſtood in the vpper ende therof, & the Erle of Warwike holding the ſworde before him. She at hyr approching to him, kneeled downe, & he courteouſly tooke hir vp, kiſſed hir, & taking hyr by the hand, ledde hir vp into his owne chamber of preſence, & after into the Queenes chamber of preſence, where he kiſſed al the Ladies of Scot|lande, & ſo departed for a while. She dined on the Queenes ſide that day with the King, his ſeruice & hirs cõming both togither, the kings being placed on the right hande of the table, and hyrs on ye left What plẽty of all maner of coſt|ly meates and drinkes there was, & what riche furniture of plate & all other things was ſhewed to ſet forth the feaſt it wer ſuperfluous to write. All the Ladies both of England and Scotland dined in the Queenes great chamber. After di|ner the king ſhewed hyr his Galerie and gar|dens, with all other commodities of the place. And about foure of the clocke he brought hyr downe agayne by the hand into the Hall, where he firſt receyued hir, & there kiſſing hir, ſhe tooke hir leaue & returned to the Biſhops palayce frõ whence ſhe came. The .vj. of Nouẽber ſhe de|parted towardes Scotlande, riding frõ Poules through the citie, paſſing forth at Biſhops gate. The Duke of Northumberlande, the Earle of Pembroke, & the Lord Threſorer brought hir to Shordich church, & there tooke their leaues of hir. The Duke of Northũberland had an .100. men on horſebacke with Iauelins, whereof .xl. were gẽtlemen clad in blacke veluet coates, garded wt white, & hattes of blacke veluet with white fea|thers & chaynes of gold about their neckes. The erle of Pẽbroke had .vj. ſcore men well apointed alſo, with blacke Iauelins & hattes with fethers, & the Lord Threaſorer had an .100. gentlemẽ & Yemen with Iauelins, in like maner wel appa|relled: which three companies of horſemen fur|niſhed the ſtreetes on either ſide, frõ the croſſe in Cheap, to Birchẽ lane end as ſhe paſſed yt way. The Sherifes of Londõ had the conduction of hir to Waltã towne end, where ſhe lodged that night: & in euery ſhire through which ſhe paſſed ye Sherife with the gentlemẽ of the ſame ſhyre receiued hir, & gaue their attendãce on hir till ſhe came to enter into the next ſhire, where ye She|riffe & gentlemen there, receyued hir, & that order was obſerued till ſhe came to the bordures of Scotland, & al hir charges for meate, & drinkes, aſwell for hir ſelfe, and whole trayne, as alſo the prouiſion for theyr horſes, was borne & allowed by the King. The erle of Huntley & diuers other of the Scottiſh Lordes returned home by ſea, the ſayde Earle landing at Montros, aboute the later ende of December.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Doctor Wanthope a Scottiſhman borne,The Archbi|ſhop of Arma|chane. Archbiſhoppe of Armachane, ſo nominated by Pope Paule the thirde, and after created Lega|tus à latere, by Iulius the thirde, deceaſſed this yeere in Paris the .x. of Nouember.1551. This man was blynde from his infancie, but yet gaue him ſelfe ſo vnto ſtudie, that he was firſt made Do|ctor of Diuinitie in the vniuerſitie of Paris, and after atteyned to ſuch eſtimation in the court of Rome, that he was by the foreſayde Popes ad|uaunced as before ye haue heard.

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