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Compare 1587 edition: 1 1550.Herevpon Monſieur de Thermes about Cã|delmas, hauing all things in a readineſſe for the ſiege, came thither, and did ſo much, what with ſhot of Canon, to make batterie, & other meanes of enforcements, that giuing the aſſault both with Scots & Frenchmen,Broughty crag wonne by the Frenchmen. they entred the forte the .xx. of February by fine force, ſo that al thoſe within were eyther taken or ſlayne, wherevpon thoſe Engliſhmen alſo that kept the caſtel, ren|dred vp the ſame without further reſiſtance, a|mongſt other pryſoners ſir Iohn Lutterell the Capitayne was one.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 In this meane time there were certayne cõ|miſſioners appointed betwixt the two kings of England and Fraunce to commune of a peace,A treaty for peace. but bicauſe they continued long in their treatie ere they could agree, the Scots and Frenchmen ſurceaſſed not in occaſions of aduantage to pur|ſue the warre, ſo that comming before Lowder they beſieged that fortreſſe, & ſkirmiſhing with the Engliſhmen that iſſued forth, to encounter them, droue thẽ in at the gates with ſome loſſe on either parte, and this done, the French helde them within ſo ſtraytly beſieged, that if the peace had not ben the ſooner cõcluded,Sir Hugh Wil|loughbae. ſir Hugh Wil|loughby capitayne of that forte, muſte needes haue yeelded through lacke of ſhotte, & other ne|ceſſary things ſeruing for defence: whiche were ſpent ſo, that they were conſtrayned to vſe theyr pewter veſſell in ſteede of bullets. But as it for|tuned, a peace was accorded, paſſed & confirmed,A peace con+cluded. that very ſelfe time betwixte the twoo kings of England & Fraunce,The names [...] the commiſ|ſioners appo [...]+ted to treate of peace. through the diligent & or|derly trauell of the Cõmiſſioners appoynted to deale therein, whoſe names enſue: firſt for ye king of England, the right honorable Iohn Erle of Bedford, knight of the Garter, and Lorde priuy ſeale: Williã Paget lord of Beaudeſert, knight alſo of the Garter: ſir William Peter knight, chief ſecretary to the ſayd king: & ſir Iohn Ma|ſon knight, ſecretary to him for ye French tong. For the French king were appoynted Frances de Montmorance, Lord of Rochepot, knight of the order of S. Michael, and Lieutenant for the ſame king of Picardie, in abſence of Monſieur de Vandoſme: Gaſper de Colignie, Lorde of Chaſtillon, knight alſo of the order, and Capi|tayne generall of the footemen of Fraunce, & the ſayde kings Lieutenant generall in the countie of Bullongne: Andrew Guillard lord of Mor|tier, knight alſo of the order, and one of the ſame kings priuy Counſell: & Guillaume Bouchetell lord of Saſſy, knight likewiſe of the order, and Secretary of the eſtate of the finances.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Among other articles cõpriſed in this peace,The article of the peace it was couenanted, that all ſuch fortes, caſtels & places as the Engliſhmẽ held in any part with|in the Scottiſh dominions, ſhoulde be deliuered & reſtored to the Scots: & that the fortes of Dũ|glas, Roxburgh, and Aymonth, which the En|gliſhmen had buylte & reyſed out of the groũde, ſhould be raſed and throwen downe, to auoyde all occaſions of new controuerſies, that might growe by reaſon of keepyng or defending the ſame, ſo as the peace nowe concluded, mighte in all poynts be firmely and truly kepte & obſer|ued, aſwell betwixt England and Scotland, as England & Fraunce, and betwixt all and euery the ſubiectes of the ſame realmes,Monſieur de Mourret. bothe by ſea & lande. Monſieur de Mourret was ſente into Scotland with the copie of this peace, by whoſe meanes it was proclaymed anone after Eaſter about the beginning of Aprill, and euery thing vſed and ordered according to the articles of the agreement concluded.

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