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Compare 1587 edition: 1 This done be returned to Edenburgh, & ſent the reſidew of his people abrode into the coũtrey to lodge in townes and villages here and there as was thought moſte expedient, for the better refreſhyng of them after their long trauell.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 On S. Stephens day at night the caſtell of Hume was ſkaled & wonne out of the Engliſh|mens hãds.Hume caſte [...] recouered by the Scots. One of the ſurname of the Humes a man of .lx. yeares of age was the firſt that en|tred on the wall, ſleayng one of the watchemen that kept his walke on that ſide. About the ſame time the Reinſgraue returned into France,


The Rein|graue retur|neth into France.

Monſieur Etauges ta [...] pryſoner by the Engliſh [...]

lea|uing his fiue enſeignes of Almaynes behind him vnder the charge of Capitayne Retouze a good man of warre and of great experience.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Alſo Mõſieur de Etauges was takẽ in a ſkir|miſh at Broughtie crag, as I haue noted in the EEBO page image 477 Engliſh hiſtory, and about the ſame tyme there landed at Dunbrytaine foure bandes of Soul|diers, Prouancois and Gaſcoignes, bryngyng money with them to pay the Souldiers theyr wages behinde as then for the ſpace of three monethes.

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