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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Sir Iames [...]ord takẽ.Sir Iames Wilforde alſo was taken about the ſame tyme by the Frenchmen in a ſkirmiſhe at Dunbar, as I haue alſo noted in the hiſtory of England.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Not long after Monſieur de Deſſe was ap|pointed by the Queene Dowager, to go vnto Iedworth to preuent that the Engliſhmenne ſhoulde not fortifie there, whereof ſhee ſtoode in ſome doubte.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 Immediatly vpon his commyng thither, the Lard of Ferniherſt requeſted him to helpe to re|couer his Caſtell of Ferniherſt out of the En|gliſhmens handes, whiche they had taken from him and kepte, greatly to the annoyance of all the countrey thereaboutes. Monſieur de Deſſe taking with him Mõſieur de Oyſel, and Mon|ſieur de la Chapelle de Biton, haſted thither with the chiefeſt parte of his army, ſendyng be|fore certayne Capitaynes with their bandes to ſuruey the houſe, who at theyr cõming thither, vſed ſuche diligence in following the offered oc|caſiõ, that they both repulſed theyr enimies that came foorth to giue them the ſkirmiſhe, and pur|ſuyng them with great rigour, wanne the lims of the houſe vpon them, forcing the capitayne & ſouldiers to retire within the dongeon, and kept them ſo ſhorte therein, that they had oportunitie to mine an hole through the wall, of ſuch large|neſſe as a man might eaſily enter by the ſame. Herewith a greate number of Scottes hauyng broken open the gate of the baſe court, where the Frenchmen were buſie to aſſaulte the dongeon,The caſtell of [...]berſt [...] by the Frenchmen. bruſt in on heapes vpon deſire to be reuenged vpon the Engliſhmen, and namely of their ca|pitayne, who as they ſayde, had done them ma|ny great diſpleaſures. The Capitayne percey|uing this, and doubting if he fell into the Scot|tiſhmens handes he ſhould die for it, he preſen|ted himſelfe at the hole, whiche the Frenchmen had made, and yeelded himſelfe to Monſieur de Duſſac, and la Mouthe Rouge, who mindyng to vſe him as became mẽ of warre, would haue ledde him out of the preſſe, but ſodenly a Scotte comming behinde him, whoſe wife (as was re|ported he had rauiſhed) ſmote of his head ſo iuſt from the ſhoulders,The cruelty [...] Scots. that it leapt a foure or fiue yeardes quyte from the body.

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