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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Vlpian Ful.But now for ſomuche as I haue ſayde no|thing of Broughtie cragge, ſithẽce the Lord go|uernour rayſed his ſiege from thence, ye ſhall vnderſtand,Broughtie crag beſieged by the Erle of Argyle. that (as ſome haue written) ſhortly after the Erle of Arguile came thither with an armie of his Yriſhe Scottes and beſieged it: but when he ſaw that he could not preuaile, he tooke truce with them within for a tyme, and before the ſame was expyred, there came new ſuccours to the Engliſhmen, ſo that the Erle of Arguile (by reaſon his people had remayned there the ful terme of their bounden & ordinary ſeruice) was conſtrained to leaue his ſiege,He rayſeth his ſiege. and ſuffer the En|gliſhmẽ to become Maſters of a litle hill, where afterwardes they buylded a forte, and nowe in the later end of this yeare,The fort buile by the En|gliſhmen at Broughtie crag. they purpoſed alſo to haue fortified Dundee; & to haue kepte the ſame with a garriſon of Souldiers, but hearing that Monſieur de Deſſe with his Frenchmen was cõming thitherwardes,Dundee aban|doned of the Engliſhmen. they auoyded the towne of their owne accorde, hauing firſte ſpoyled the houſes and after ſet them on fire.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Reingraue with two handes of his Al|maignes, and Monſieur de Etauges with his company of horſemen were ſent before, who cõ|ming to Dundee and finding the Engliſhmen gone, encamped there, ſtaying till Monſieur de Deſſe was come that followed at hande with the French footemen.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Within twoo dayes after, they goyng foorth to vew the ſorte, were in daunger to haue bene caught ere they coulde get backe againe, for the Engliſhmen and Lanſquenetz that were there with them (parte of Conrad Phennings hãdes) iſſued forth, & droue them to retyre, not without danger to haue bene diſtreſſed,The Reine+graue. if the Reingraue had not vſed the greater policie in retyring the troupe. To be ſhort, Monſieur de Deſſe to ſtop the Engliſhmen from entring any further into the countrey on that ſide, lefte .vij. enſeignes of Frenchmen,Dundee forti|fied by the Frenchmen. & two enſeignes of Scottes within Dundee, with artillerie & Pioners to fortifie the town, & to keepe it in ſafetie frõ the Engliſhmẽ.

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