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Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 The Gouernour and the ſayde Erle ſort a|greeued to be thus foyled at the Engliſhmens handes, aſſembled togither all ſuche forces as they might recouer, ſo that they had quickly got vnto them aboue fiftene hundred menne, wher|of eight hundreth at the leaſt were Gentlemen, and hearyng that the Engliſh men were rety|ring towardes Iedworth, they mette them at a place called Pannyer Hugh, where bothe the parties alighting on foote, ment to trie the qua|rell by playne force of hande, but as they were ready to ioyne, the aſſured Scots to the num|ber of ſeuen or eight hundred reuolted vnto the parte of their countrey men, by reaſon whereof after a right ſharpe and fierce conflict the En|gliſhe menne in the ende were conſtreyned to fire, whome the Scottes right egrely purſewed,Sir Raufe E|vre and others ſlayne. ſlewe Sir Raufe Evre, the Lorde Ogle, Sir Bryan Layton, and other Gentlemenne and EEBO page image 464 Souldiers to the number of eight hũdreth, they tooke alſo about a two thouſand priſoners, with certayne pieces of Artillery and other munition. This victory fell to the Scottes the xvij. of Fe|bruary, the report whereof was right diſpleaſant to the Engliſh nation, but ſpecially the loſſe of that worthy Gentleman ſir Rauf Evre, was greatly bemoned, and that euen of the King him ſelfe, for the noble prowes and great loyaltie whiche at all times had bene founde in him. His ſeruice had ben ſuch in theſe warres againſt Scotland,His ſeruice a|gaynſt the Scottes. that he had brought the more parte of all the Scottes within xx. miles ſpace of the Engliſh borders, vnto the obeyſance of the king of England, although at length they holpe to worke his confuſion as before you haue hearde: and here I haue thought (good although out of place) to ſay ſomewhat further in the dew com|mendation of this noble Gentleman.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 His ſeruice in the rebellion tyme.In time of the great rebellion in the North partes, whiche chaunced in the xxvij. yeere of King Henry the eight, when many other the Noblemen and Gentlemen of thoſe parties had conſpired togither with the commons by leuy|ing warre to reſiſt the Kings proceedings, this Sir Raufe Evre beyng then within Scarbor|rough Caſtel,He is beſieged in Scarbor|rough Caſtell. accõpaned onely with his friends, ſeruants and tenants, whiche of very good will were contented to ſerue vnder him, was beſie|ged in the ſame Caſtell, and kept from all reliefe & ſuccours that might come or be brought vnto him from any parte, during the terme of ſixe weekes or there about, ſo that for the ſpace of xx. dayes after theyr prouiſion was ſpent, they li|ued onely with bread and water, hauing little or no other ſuſtenance, whiche extremitie not withſtanding, he kept the fortreſſe in ſafetie to the Kings vſe vnto the ende of that dangerous rebellion, and then to his high prayſe and com|mendation deliuered it like a faithful Gentlemã into the Kings hands. This I ſhould haue ſet downe in place where mencion is made of that rebellion, but the note came not to my hand till that parte of the booke was paſte the preſſe, and ſo rather here than not at all, I haue thought good to imparte it to the Reader. But now to returne to the purpoſe for the doings in Scot|lande. About the ſame time that the victory be|fore mencioned chanced to the Scottes, Robert Carncorfe biſhop of Roſſe departed this life,Death of By|ſhops. to whome ſucceeded Dauid Pantane, Secretary to the gouernour an Priour of S. Mary Ile.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 In Aprill William Steward biſhop of A|berden likewiſe deceaſed, and maſter William Gordon Chãcellor of Murray, vncle to George Erle of Huntley, was by the Cardinals ſuyte promoted to that ſee, greatly to the diſpleaſure of the Erle of Angus that laboured to haue pre|ferred an other thereto. For this & other cauſes the Cardinal was greatly in hatred of ye Dow|glaſſes. This yeere alſo Montgomery other|wiſe called Monſier de Lorges,Monſieur de Lorges ſent into Scotland. knight of the or|der of S. Michael, was ſent by the French king with iiij. thouſand Frenchmen into Scotlande to aſſiſt the Scottes againſt England, he lan|ded at Dunbertayne, and came in good order to Edenburgh the xiij. of May: he brought with him from the French king the order of S. Mi|chaell, to inueſt therewith the, Lord gouernour,Knights of Michaels [...]|der. the Erles of Angus, Huntley, and Argile. Her|with alſo was an army of Scottes reyſed, and ioyning with the Frenchmen, they approched ye bordures where they lay for a ſeaſon,An army of Scots lieth the bordure. but the Erle of Hertford Lieutenant generall of the North partes comming downe, tooke ſuch dire|ction for the ſafe keeping of the Engliſh bor|dures, that after the Scottes had layne there in campe a certayne ſpace without atchieuing a|ny great enterprice, though ſome notable exploit was looked for to haue bene attempted by them at that preſent, they brake vp theyr armie and returned home.

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