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Compare 1587 edition: 1 [...] inua| [...].After this they inuaded the Iſle of Kinter where Iames Macconell dwelled, brent many places in that countrey, tooke and caried away great booties of cattayle and other goodes. All the coaſtes of Kile, Carrike, and Coningham, and likewiſe of Galloway remayned in conti|nuall feare, ſo that oftentimes theyr beakons were fyred, and many of the Noble menne con|ſtrayned to come to the Erle of Lennox, ſewing to him for aſſurance.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Walter Mac| [...]lane.In theſe exploytes the Erle had with him Walter Macferlane of Tirbatt, and ſeuen ſcore men of the head of Lennox, that ſpake bothe Iriſhe and the Engliſh Scottiſh tongues, light footemen well armed in ſhirtes of mayle, with bowes, and two handed ſwordes, and beyng ioyned with the Engliſh Archers and ſhotte, did muche auayleable ſeruice in the ſtreyghts, mar|riſhes, and mountayne countreys.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 To conclude, after the Erle of Lennox and his company had atchieued theſe enterpriers a|fore mencioned, he returned towards England, and ſente ſir Peter Mewtas knight,Sir Peter Mewtas. and Tho|mas Biſhoppe a Scottiſh gentleman, to aduer|tiſe the King of Englande of his proceedings, who found him at the ſiege of Bulloigne, where they declared to him the whole circumſtance of euery thing as the ſame had paſſed in the Erles iourney, which the king tooke in very good part. And vpon his returne into England, after the cõqueſt of Bullongne, the Erle of Lennox was alſo called home to the Courte by letters to him directed, he beyng then at Bryſtow. About the middeſt of February,


Sir Rau [...]e E|vers inuadeth Scotland.

Syr Rauf Evre com|monly called Evers, Lorde warden of the En|gliſhe middeſt Marches, entred Scotland with a power of foure thouſand Engliſhmen, Iriſh|men, and aſſured Scottes, and comming firſte vnto Iedworth, lodged there that night, and therewithall vnderſtanding that the gouernour and the Erle of Angus were at the Abbey of Melcos, aboute an eight myles diſtaunt from thence, the nexte mornyng he was gotte forth ſo early, that he was almoſte vpon the enimies in ſuche wiſe on the ſudden, that they fledde out of theyr lodgings, and lefte their beddes and all theyr houſeholde furniture which they had there with them, not hauing time to conuey it away at theyr departure, their warning was ſo ſhort. Syr Rauf Evre at his comming thyther fin|ding them [...]edde and gone,He defaceth the Monu|ments of the Dowglaſſes. ſpoyled the towne and Abbey, vtterly defacing the Tumbes and Monumentes of the Erles of Dowglas, great|ly to the diſpleaſure of the Erle of Angus, and thoſe of his linage.

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