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Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 The King of Englande that noble Prince Henrye the eyght, aduertiſed of the death of the King of Scottes, conſidered with good aduiſe, that now there was offered a moſt ready meane and iuſt occaſion, whereby the two Realmes of Englande and Scotland might be broughte into one [...]tier Monarchie, without warre or bloudſhed, by the marriage of his ſonne Prince Edwarde, beeyng then little paſt ſixe yeares of age, with the yong Queene of Scotlande.The King of England tal|keth with the Lords of Scot|lãd priſoners, for a marriage betwixt his ſonne, and their Queene. Hee therefore being reſolued fully to bring the ſame to paſſe eyther by quiet meanes or by force, and ſending for the Erles of Caſſill and Glencarne, the Lordes Maxwell, and Fleming, and other Priſoners yt had bin taken at Soloway Muffe, cauſed them to bee conueyd vnto Hampton Court, where the ſeauen and twentith of De|cember they being right curteouſly enterteined, hee made vnto them an ouerture of his purpoſe and whole intent, proponing the whole matter vnto them, requeſting them for their partes to help with their conſents, that a contract of mar|riage mighte bee made betweene his ſonne the Prince, and their yong Queene, promiſing to them libertie without raunſome, beſydes other pleaſures and benefytes, if they would doe theyr indeuour to perſwade the Gouernoure, and o|ther of the nobilitie of Scotland to be agreeable heerevnto.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 EEBO page image 458The Scottiſhe Earles and Lords accepted the Kings offer, and withall promiſed to doe their diligence to perſwade the reſt of the nobi|litie in Scotland at their cõming home: where|vpon they were licenced to depart, and ſo com|ming to Newcaſtell, remayned there with the Duke of Suffolke, then the Kings Lieutenant of the North partes, till he had receyued forthe of Scotlande certayne pledges of the chiefeſt of theſe Lordes, for performance of their promi|ſes.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 The Earle of Angus ſente home into Scotlande.Likewiſe the King of England ſent wyth them the Earle of Angus, and his brother Sir George Dowglas with his letters to the Go|uernoure, requeſting effectuouſly, yt they mighte be reſtored to their roomthes, lands, and poſſeſ|ſions in that Realme.1542 Theſe Lords arriuing at Edenburgh aboute the middes of Ianuary, declared to the Gouernoure their meſſage and propoſition made by the King of Englande, with ſuch efficacie, that the Gouernour beeyng perſwaded thereto by their wordes, ſente for the Lords and nobilitie of the Realme to come vn|to Edenburgh to a conuention,A conuention of the Scottiſh nobilitie. there to be hol|den the ſeauen and twentith of that preſent mo|neth, where they concluded that a Parliamente ſhoulde bee kepte in Marche next enſuing, and doubting leaſt the Cardinall (beeing there pre|ſent) ſhould goe about to perſwade the nobilitie not to conſent to their deſires, they cauſed hym to be put in warde within the Caſtell of Dal|keth, The Cardinall committed to warde. the Lord Seton being appoynted to haue the cuſtody of him.

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