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Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 Aboute the ſame time, Sir Robert Bowes, and all other the Engliſhmen that were priſo|ners,Halden rig. and had bin taken at Halden rigge on S. Bartholmewes day (as before ye haue hearde) were ſente home by the Gouernoure into En|glande,Sir Raufe Sad|ler. and Sir Raufe Sadler was ſente Am|baſſador from King Henry vnto the ſaide Go|uernoure, and other the Lords of Scotland, and came thither before the Parliamente, to per|ſwade the Lordes to agree vnto the Kyng hys maiſters motions, trauelling ſo diligently in the matters whereabout he was thus ſent, that it was concluded by acte of Parliament to ſend Ambaſſadors into Englande,Ambaſſadors ſent into En|glande. for the better ſa|tiſfaction of King Henries deſires, and ſo the Earle of Glencarne, Sir George Dowglas, Sir William Hamilton, Sir Iames Leyr|mouth, and the Secretary being named and ap|poynted thereto, departed in the moneth of March, and comming into England vnto the King, remayned there till the latter end of Iu|ly, in which meane time, ſuche couenants, con|tracts, and promiſes were had and concluded, paſſed and ſealed interchangeably, as ſtood with the pleaſure and good liking of King Henry, ſo as the marriage was fully contracted,The [...]g confi [...] and a peare concluded for [...] yeares, by authoritie of the afore ſayd Parliament. Herewith alſo the Lorde Gouernour ſhewed himſelfe, to embrace the refourmed Religiõ, cauſing one Frier Guil|liam to Preache agaynſt Images, and ſente|leſſe [figure appears here on page 458] ceremonies, and gaue libertie that ye Bible, called the new and old Teſtamẽt, ſhould be had in Engliſhe, and vniuerſally publiſhed through the Realme of Scotlande.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Alſo hee commaunded not onely the Car|dinall (as before ye haue heard) but alſo ordey|ned that the Queene mother ſhould remayne in Lithgow with the yong Queene hir daughter, vnder ſome manner of ſafe cuſtody, and the Cardinall to be remoued vnto his owne Caſtell of Saint Androwes, with warders about hym to ſee him ſafely kept.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 The [...] Realme beeing thus brought in quiet, and vnder good gouernement,The French King miſli|keth of the match with Englande. the French King ſore miſliking this new coniunction of ye Scots with England, and doubting leaſt the olde for|mer bond of aliance betwixt France and Scot|land might therby be vtterly diſſolued and ſha|ken off, he ſent for Mathew Earle of Leuenox,Mathew Earle of Lennox. then abrode in his ſeruice in the warres of Ita|ly, and vppon his comming backe from thence to the Court, hee declared to him the deceaſſe of the late King of Scottes, the intruſion of Ar|rane, and the attemptes in that Realme begun, with all the circumſtances from poynt to point as he knewe, and further diſcourſed with hym what wrong hee had to be ſette aſide, and diſ|placed from hys ryghte of gouernemente, and therefore exhorted hym to repayre home to recouer the ſame, offering not only to aſſiſt him with men, money, and munition, but alſo to ioyne hys friendes in Scotlande with hym in ayde to attayne the place of regimente, and to remoue Arrane and others from it. The EEBO page image 459 Earle of Leuenox heerevpon with commiſſion and inſtructions deliuered to him by the French King, had alſo letters from him directed to the Lordes that were of the French faction, where|in the ſayde Kyng requeſted them to remaine and continue in their former good meanings towards him, and to aſſiſt the Erle of Leuenox in all things, as ſhould be thought expedient.

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