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Compare 1587 edition: 1 She was not paſt ſeuen dayes olde when hir father departing this life, left vnto hir his king|dome, hir mother lying in childbed in the Caſtel of Lithquo,The Lorde Leuingſton. of which place, ye Lord Leuingſton being Captayne, had the charge committed to him, both of the daughter and mother, with the mothers good agreement and free conſent.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 Moreouer, immediately after the Kynges death (bycauſe he deceaſſed without making a|ny will, or taking any direction for the gouerne|mente eyther of the Realme, or cuſtody of the yong Queene hys daughter) Dauid Beaton,Dauid Beaton Cardinall. Cardinall and Archbyſhop of S. Androwes, the ſpeciall miniſter and factor of the Frenche cauſes, to the aduancement and continuaunce thereof, [...]forging of [...]ll. inuented and forged a will and Teſta|ment of the late King now departed, in whiche among other things, hee eſtabliſhed hymſelfe chief [...] regent, adioyning with him the Garles of Murrey [...], ba [...]e brother to the Kyng deceaſſed, Huntley and Argile, not once mentioning the Garle of Lennox, then abſent in Fraunce, nor yet Iames Earle of Arraine his Couſin,The Prote|ſtants eſpyed the Cardinals craftie iug|ling. bee|ing there preſent in Scotland. Thoſe that pro|feſſed the reformed Religion, being then called Proteſtantes, to whome the ſayde Cardinall was [...]uer [...] cruell enimie and ſharp ſcourge, eſ|pyed forth his vniuſt dealing in this behalfe, and truſting by the gentle nature and good inclina|tion of the ſayd Earle of Arraine, to haue ſome libertie to imbrace the Goſpell, ſet him againſte the Cardinall, ſo that by the helpe of his owne and their friendes, he remoued the Cardinal and his adherents from the vſurped roomth and au|thoritie, and therewith was the ſayde Earle of Arraine proclaymed gouernour and protector of the Realme.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 This Earle of Arrane made a title to haue and enioy that office and roomth, as nexte in bloud [...] yong Queene, as diſcended from a ſiſter of King Iames the third, married to his Grandfather Lord Hamilton in the yere .1475. by reaſon of whiche marriage, hee was created Earle of Arrane, as by acte of Parliament hol|den the ſame yeare at Edẽburgh, it was agreed and ordeyned.

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