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Compare 1587 edition: 1 [...] England.On Trinitie Sonday, beeing the one and twentith of May, a fiue hundred Scottes [...]|tred Englande, to ſurpriſe the Engliſhe [...]er|chantes, and others, going that daye vnto [...]|wike, where yearely on that daye the fayre [...] kept, and ſo by reaſon thereof, they met with dy|uers of them that went to this fayre, and tooke to the number of two hundred priſoners, whome they ledde with them into Scotlande, but Ha [...] ſayeth, that by the comming of the yong Lorde of Fulbery to the ſuccours of the Engliſhmen, the Scottes were chaſed, and loſt two hundred of their numbers.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The fifth of Iuly, Sir William Fenwicke, Leonarde Muſgraue, and Baſterde Heron, with diuers other, to the number of nine hun|dred Engliſhmenne, entred into the [...],Engliſhmen inuade Scot|lande. and began to ſpoyle and ro [...] the Countrey, but they were ſhortly [...]omp [...]ſſed about with Scot|tiſhmen, and ſo hardly aſſayled, that although they fought baliantly a good [...], yet by [...] force they were compelle [...] giue gro [...]e, and ſeeke to ſaue themſelues by flight, in whiche,Engliſhmen diſcomfited. Baſterd Hero [...] ſlayne. a two hundred of them were taken priſoners, and Baſterd Hero [...] with diues b [...]e [...] ſlayne.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Amongſt the priſoners, were Sir Rauf F [...]r|wike, Leonarde Muſgrane, and dyuers other: Gentlemen of good calling.

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