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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The ſeuententh of Iuly, the Lord Maxwell, and Sir Alexander Iordeyne,Four thouſand ſaith Hall. with [...] Scottiſhmen in great number, entred England at the [...]eſt marches by Careleſſe, with diſplay|ed [...]nners, and began to h [...]rrie the Countrey,The Lorde Maxwel inua|deth England. and brente diuers places. The Engliſhmen aſ|ſembled on euery ſide, ſo that they were far more in number [...] the Scottiſhmen, and thervpon ſet [...]er [...]y vppon their enimies, in ſo muche, that for the ſpare of an houre, there was a ſore fights continued betwixt them, but the Lord Maxwell like a [...]ghte p [...]litique Captayne (as of all that knewe him hee was no leſſe reputed) ceaſed not to encourage his people, and after that, by the taking of Alexander Iordayne and diuers o|ther, they hadde bin putte backe, hee broughte them in aray againe, and beginning a newe ſkirmiſhe, recouered in a manner all the pri|ſoners, tooke and ſlewe dyuers Engliſhmen, ſo that hee returned with victorie, and ledde aboue three hundred priſoners with hym home into Scotlande.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 After this iourney,An aſſemblye of the Lordes. there was an aſſemble of [figure appears here on page 435] the Lordes in Edenburgh, with the Duke of Albany, where ſome of the Lordes were of mind that the warre ſhoulde continue: other thought it not reaſon, that for the pleaſure onely of Fraunce, the Realme ſhould ſuſtayne ſuche da|mage, as it had done by thoſe three laſt yeares warre now paſſed, and therefore they perſwa|ded peare.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 EEBO page image 436Moreouer, there was alſo muche debating of the matter, touching the age and gouernemente of the King, ſome of the Lords holding, that he was now of age to take the rule vpon himſelfe, and that the gardenſhip or tutorie of a King ex|pired, ſooner than of another priuate perſon.

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