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Compare 1587 edition: 1 EEBO page image 425 The Popes Bulles publi|ſhed.The ſame day in Edenburgh were the Bulles publiſhed which the Biſhop of Murrey Forman had purchaſed at Rome for the obteyning of the Archbiſhoprike of S. Androwes, the Abbacies of Dunfermeling, & Arbroeth, through ſupplicati|on of the Queene and Duke of Albany: frõ whi|che Bulles,Contention about the en| [...]ying of the ſea of Saint Androwes. the prior of Saint Androwes appea|led, pretending title to the Archbiſhops See by election and generall gift of the Lordes of the Realme. And herevpon gote togither his friends in Edenburgh, as the Maſter of Hales and o|ther. And on the other parte, the Lord Chamber|layne, and diuers of ye Biſhop of Murreys friẽds gote the kings letters, by vertue whereof, they proclaymed the ſayde Maſter of Hales, and the prior of Saint Androwes rebells, with al theyr aſſiſtants, putting them to the horne: wherevpon they were cõſtreyned to depart out of Edẽburgh. And in May following, the Prior wente vnto Rome, there to iuſtifie his appeale.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 The foure and twentie of February, a Par|liamente was aſſembled at Striueling, but bycauſe the Lordes coulde not agree amongſt themſelues, it was proroged till the comming of the Duke of Albany, which was looked for to bee in Scotland, in Aprill, or at the furtheſt in May next enſuing, as he had ſent worde by Sir Iohn Sterling of the Keir, that was lately come from him with letters vnto the Lords and Peeres of the Realm.


Truce betwixt England and Scotland.

The fiftenth of May, truce was pro|claymed betwixt England and Scotland to en|dure for three yeeres, but the ſame day at ſixe of the clocke in the after noone, the Engliſhmen en|tred the borders of Scotland vppon the water of Rule, and forrayed the countrey, doing greate hurt therein,The Duke of Albany his [...]ll in Scotland. notwithſtanding the truce. The ſe|uententh day of May, Iohn Duke of Albany, tutor and gouernor of Scotlande, arriued at the Town of Ayre, with eight Shippes well appoin|ted [figure appears here on page 425] and furniſhed with men and all kind of neceſ|ſary prouiſion for his eſtate. From thence taking the Sea agayne, he ſayled alongſt the coaſt till he came to Dunbritaine, and there came a land, and on the next day paſſed foorth to Glaſgo, where all the Weſtland Lords receyued him with greate ſemblance of reioycing for his arriuall. The .26.The Duke of Albany recey|ued into E|denburgh. of May, he was receyued into Edẽburgh, a great number of Lords meeting him on the way. The Queene alſo came from hir owne lodging and met him, to do him honor. Sundry Farces; Pa|geants, & playes were ſhewed by ye burgeſſes, for to honor his entrie in the beſt manner they coulde deuiſe. Shortly after his cõming to Edenburgh, there came thither foorthe of all partes of the Realme, the Lords and Barons, where they be|ing aſſembled in counſell, hee tooke vpon him the gouernement of the Realme, which he promiſed to vſe by their aduice, ſo that they woulde aſſiſt him in ſetting foorthe of iuſtice and good orders, whiche they vndertooke to do.A Parliamente ſummoned. Herevpon was the Parliament which had bin proroged till his cõ|ming, ſummoned to be kepte at Edenburgh the twelfth of Iuly, in the whiche, diuers Actes were concluded and made, and the Lord Drummand was adiudged in the Dukes mercie, for ſtriking Lion King of Armes. The Duke pardoned him of life and honor, but his landes and goodes re|mayned in the kings hands: notwithſtanding, he was afterwards reſtored to the ſame againe. In this Parliamente alſo the Duke of Albany was confirmed by the three ſtates of the Realme tu|tor and gouernor to the King, the Scepter and Sword being deliuered to him, his oth alſo was taken by the Lords, and theirs giuen to him, that each of them ſhould be faithful to others, & name|ly, to their King and ſoueraigne Lorde, and alſo ſhould maintayn iuſtice to the vttermoſt of their powers, for the aduancemente of his honor, and ſuretie of the Realme. In the meane time, whileſt this Parliamẽt was in hand, the gouernour was aduertiſed, that the king ſhould haue bin conuey|ed foorth of the Realme ſecretly into Englande, wherevpon he ſuddaynely departed in the nighte time from Edenburgh, with his men of warre in good order, and came to Striueling, where the King, with his brother Alexander, lay in the Ca|ſtell with the Queene, whiche Caſtell, togither with the Kings perſon, and the other within it,The king de|liuered to the keeping of certayn Lords. were deliuered to him the thirde day of Auguſt, wherevpon hee committed them and the Caſtell to the keeping of foure Lordes of the Realme, whereof the Earles of Eglenton and Monſtrous were two. The Lord Hume,The Lorde Hume de|nounced a Rebell. bycauſe he had aſſi|ſted the Earle of Angus and the Queene againſt ye gouernor, was denounced a Rebell, & the Erles of Lennox and Arrane with many other, were ſent to his houſes to ſeaze the ſame into the kings hands. In ye Caſtel of Hume was layd gunpoul|der by a trayne, whereby diuers of thẽ that entred firſt into the ſame Caſtell were burnt. The Lord EEBO page image 426 Hume himſelfe gote him into Englãd, & ſore diſ|quieted the Marches, ſo that no day of truce was holden, neither on the Eaſt nor middle Marches. The twelfth of Auguſt, ye Quene, ye Erle of An|gus, & his brother George Dowglas, went from Temptallon vnto Berwike, & frõ thence paſſed to the Nunry of Caudſtreame, wherevpõ aduer|tiſemente being giuen to the king of Englande, & his pleaſure therein knowne, the .xxvj. of that mo|neth, ſhe was receiued by the Lord Dacres, & cõ|ueyed to Harbottell Caſtell, where ſhe remayned till ſhe was deliuered of a daughter,The birth of the Counteſſe of Lenox. called Mar|garet Dowglas, afterwardes maried to the Erle of Lennox, (as in place conuenient it ſhal further appeare.) There was no Scottiſhman at this time receyued into Englande with hir. The go|uernor perceyuing ye Rebellion of ye Lord Hume, paſſed to the bordures with his Frenchmẽ, where the ſixt of October, the ſayd Lord Hume came & ſubmitted him ſelfe to the gouernors pleaſure,The Lord Hume ſub|mitted him ſelfe. and his brother ſhortly after did the ſame, and they were both deliuered to the Earle of Arane, who was appoynted to keepe them in ſafetie within the town of Edenburgh. But the twelfth of Oc|tober next enſewing, the ſayd Erle of Arrane de|parted from thence in the night ſeaſon,The Earle of Arrane ſtea|leth away. with thoſe his priſoners, ſtealing their wayes a foote. Here|vpon, the gouernour cauſing the Parliamente to be holden that was ſummoned to begin the .24. of October, the ſayde Lord Hume, Maſter Wil|liam Hume, and Dauid Hume, were conuict of treaſon by all ye eſtates,The Lord Hume and o|ther conuicted of treaſon. to loſe their liues, lands, & goodes. This Parliamente was proroged till a fifteene dayes after, within which time, the Earle of Arrane was appoynted to make appearance, or elſe it was agreed, that they ſhoulde proceede againſt him in like manner. And in that meane ſpace, the gouernor wente to beſeege the Caſtell of Hamilton,The olde Counteſſe of Arran pur|chaceth hir ſons pardon. where that noble aged Lady, ye olde Counteſſe of Arrane, daughter to king Iames ye ſecond, and Mother to the Earle of Arrane, and Aunt to the Duke by his fathers ſide, cauſed not only ye Caſtel to be ſurrẽdred at the Dukes plea|ſure, but procured alſo the Erle of Arranes peace, which Earle, the twelfth of Nouember next en|ſuing, came with the Biſhop of Glaſgo vnto E|denburgh, & there ſubmitted himſelfe to ye Dukes will.A commotion betwixt the Erles of Mur|rey and Hunt|ley. About the ſame time, certayne Lords tooke part with the Erle of Murrey the kings baſtard brother againſt the Earle of Huntley, and reyſed a cõmotion, ſo that being gote into Edenburgh, there was muche adoe, and the Towne greatly diſquieted. The gouernor lying in ye Abbey, came into the towne, and tooke the Erles of Huntley, Erroll, Murrey and others, and committed them to ward within the Caſtel while he tried ye cauſe, and finding that Maiſter William Hay beeing with the Erle of Murrey had rayſed ye ſturre, hee ſent the ſame Hay into France, there to remayne during his pleaſure, and forthwith ye ſayd Earles were ſet at libertie. Lion king of armes appointed to goe into England with letters to king Henry, was ſtopped at Caldſtreame by the Lord Hume,Lion king of Armes, ſtayed by the Lord Humes. who tooke his letters from him, & kept him priſo|ner, til Alexãder Humes mother, ye remained pri|ſoner in Dunbar was exchãged for him. The .18. day of Decẽber, Alexãder duke of Roſſey ye kings brother, departed this life at Striueling. The .17. A truce con|cluded betwixt England and Scotland. day of Ianuary, a truce was takẽ betwixt Eng|land & Scotlande, til the feaſt of Pentecoſt nexte. This truce was agreed vpon at Coldingham, by certayn Commiſſioners, apointed on eyther part there, to treate for peace. For the Realm of Scot|land were theſe, Monſieur de Planes the Frenche Ambaſſador, Archdeacon of Saint Androwes, Maſter Gawin de Dunbar, and Sir William Scot of Baluerie knightes. The Engliſh men compriſed for their part, ye Earle of Angus & the Lord Hume within ye compaſſe of this truce.The Erle of Arrane eft|ſoones reuol|teth from the gouernor. In the meane time, the Erle of Arane departed frõ ye gouernor again, & repaired to ye weſt parts, where hee confederate himſelfe with certayne Lordes, notwithſtanding that Sir Iames Hamiltõ, and the Lorde of Cauder remayned pledges for hys good demeanor within ye Caſtell of Edenburgh. The Erles of Lenox, Glencarne,The Earle of Lenox furni|ſheth Dunber|tayne. and other cau|ſed the Caſtell of Dunbertaine and diuers other to be furniſhed, and tooke the Caſtell of Glaſgo with the kings great artillerie that lay within it, and ſpoyled the ſame. The gouernor aduertiſed thereof, rayſed an army & went to Glaſgo, where by the labor of the Biſhop an appointment was taken, ſo that ye Caſtel was deliuered into ye Bi|ſhops handes. The Erle of Lenox came in to the gouernor, and tooke a new reſpite, & about the be|ginning of Marche next following,

The Erles of Lenox and Arrane take a reſpite.

Forman reſig|neth his title to the Arch|biſhops See.

the Earle of Arrane did the like. Forman ye Archbiſhop of S. Androwes, againſt whome the Prior of S. An|drowes did ſtande as ye haue heard for that bene|fice, to the great vnquieting of ye Realme, by ſuch partakings as chanced therabout amõg ye Lords, came now to ye town of Edẽburgh, & reſigned all ye three benefices wherof he had purchaſed Bulle [...] of ye Pope, that is to ſay, the Archbiſhoprick of S. Androwes, ye Abbacies of Arbroth & Dunferme|ling in ye gouernors hãds, to beſtowe the ſame a [...] his pleaſure: who by the counſel of certayn Lords to ſatiſfye ſuche as claymed intereſt to the ſame, and pacifying of all debates, beſtowed thẽ as fol|loweth. Firſt, the ſaid Archbiſhoprick he gaue vn|to the foreſaid Forman with ye Abbacies of Dũ|fermeling, & to maſter Iames Hebborne, he gaue ye Biſhoprik of Murrey, & benefices worth a M.Beſtowing of benefices. Markes by yere vnto ye Prior of S. Androws for a recõpence: the Abbacie of Dũburgh, he gaue vn|to maſter Iames Ogiluy, and the Biſhopricke of EEBO page image 427 Aberdene then vacant, vnto Alexãder Gurdon, & to ye Archbiſhop of Glaſgo called Beton, he gaue the Abbacie of Arbroth, aſſigning to the Earle of Murrey a large penſiõ out therof: one of ye Ham|miltons was made Abbot of Kylwynning. And thus he beſtowed the benefices which had bin va|cant euer ſithence Flodden fielde, vnto dyuers Lordes, or to their kinſmen, that by ſuche libera|litie vſed towards them, all debates and diſcords might ceaſſe which had happened amõgſt them, ſpecially, about the beſtowing of the ſame bene|fices: this was done in the moneth of February. Shortly after,1516 the gouernor by counſell of the Lords, to ye end the Realm might come to a per|fect quietneſſe,The Earle of Angus and other, recey|ued into [...]a [...]or. and the noble men vnited togither, receyued into fauor the Erle of Angus, and ma|ſter Patrick Pantoun Secretary, who for hys cauſe had bin kept as priſoner in Iuſche gay. He likewiſe receyued the Lorde Hume, and his bro|ther, pardoning them all their offences paſt. And in Parliament holden the fift of May, they were reſtored to all their lands, heritages, fees, and ho|nors. About that time, the Lord of Strawen in Athole, cõmitted diuers great offences & crimes, for the whiche, hee was taken by the Earle of A|thole, and beheaded at Logiraith by the gouer|nors commiſſion.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 All this while,The Parlia|ment began agayne. the Parliament was not diſ|ſolued but vpon prorogation, and ſo the ſame be|gan agayne the firſt day of Iuly, at what tyme the king of Englande, at requeſt of his ſiſter the Queene of Scotland,The king of Englands let|ters to the Lords. wrote letters to the Lords now aſſembled in Parliament, requeſting them to expell the gouernor foorth of the Realme, but all the Lordes and eſtates with vniuerſall con|ſente, ſente Albany the Heralde with letters to the ſayd King, excuſing them, that they myghte not in any wiſe ſatiſfie his deſire therein, the ſame beeing againſte reaſon and the lawes of theyr countrey.

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