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Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 In the moneth of September,The Lorde Hume, and other areſted, and cõmitted to warde. the gouernour commaunded the Lord Hume, with his brother Maiſter William Hume, & Dauid Kar of Fer|nihurſt to be arreſted and beſtowed in ſeuerall places, that better rule mighte be kept vpon the bordures, but they lying nowe in warde, ſundry informations were giuen vp againſt them, and therevpon the eyght of October, the ſaide Lorde Hume and his brother were conuict of Treaſon, for aſſiſting and mainteyning of the theeues vpõ the bordures, and other crimes, for the whiche, he was beheaded, and on the morrow after,The Lorde Hume be|headed. his bro|ther ye foreſaid William Hume was likewiſe be|headed, and their heads were ſet vpon the Tol|buith [figure appears here on page 427] in Edenburgh: Dauid Kar was ſpared. And ſhortly after, the Duke rode to Iedworth with a greate company of men, and ſtayed the greate robbing and reauing which had bin vſed on the bordures,

The Duke of Albany viſi|teth the bor|dures.

Another Par|liament.

The Duke of Albany ſecond perſon of the Realme.

and left there good wardens to keepe good rule in thoſe partes, and ſo returned to Edenburgh. The third of Nouember, another Parliament was holdẽ, in which it was decreed, that the gouernor ſhoulde be deemed and reputed for ſecond perſon of the Realm notwithſtanding the clayme made by his elder brother Alexander Steward, that was begotten on the daughter of the Erle of Orkney, which was alledged, to haue bin firſt maried to their father ye Duke of Albany, before hee was maried to the Erle of Bullogurs daughter, on whome hee begote the gouernor, wherevpon this Alexander made proteſtation to be heire to his father, but they were afterward a|greed, and Alexander renounced his title in hys brothers fauor, and was made Biſhop of Mur|rey, and Abbot of Scone. At this Parliament,The gouerner asketh licence to goe into France. the gouernor required licence to goe into Fraunce, and to be abſent there .vj. moneths: but this ſuite was not graunted till Aprill following.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 3 4 EEBO page image 428 The Erle of Lenox in warde.The ſame time, was the Earle of Lenox put in warde within the Caſtell of Edenburgh, till he had cauſed the Caſtell of Dunbritaine to bee deliuered vnto one Allane Steward in the Cũ|ſtables name, and then he was ſet at libertie. In ye moneth of December,Monſier de la Bautie made warden of the Marches. Monſier de la Bautie was made Warden of the Eaſt marches in ſteede of the Lord Hume, and kept dayes of truce, whiche procured him ſuche hatred, that it coſt him after|wardes his life. In the moneth of Ianuarie, the gouernor wente to S. Iohns towne, and there held his ſeat of Iuſtice, where the Lord Fleming for the time, was made greate Chamberlayne of Scotlande, with all the fees thereof. In the yeere 1517.


Ambaſſadors from France.

there came Ambaſſadors from Francis the new French king, to deſire, yt the auntient league might be renued betwixt him and ye K. of Scot|land, their Realmes, Dominions, and ſubiects: for the which cauſe, all the Lords of the Realme were aſſembled at Edenburgh, where by them it was concluded, that the gouernor himſelfe ſhuld paſſe ye Seas into France,An Ambaſ|ſage into France. & alſo, that the Biſhop of Dunkeild, the ſecretarie, & the maſter of Glen|carne as Ambaſſadors ſhould goe thither, ye whi|che the thirtenth of May, went a Shipboorde, and by the Eaſt ſeas ſayled thither, and the gouernor tooke Ship at Newmarke beſide Dunbertayne the ſeuenth of Iune, taking his courſe by ye Weſt ſeas,The gouernor goeth into France. and ſo paſſed into France, where it was a|greed, that he ſhoulde haue remayned but onely foure moneths, he hauing appointed the Biſhops of Saint Androwes and Glaſgo, the Earles of Huntley, Argile, Angus, and Arrane, to gouerne in his place, whileſt he was abſent. Alſo he ordei|ned Monſier de la Bautie Lieutenante of the bor|dures.Gouernors appoynted to the kings perſon. He alſo had cauſed the King to be brought into Edenburgh Caſtell, within the whiche hee ſhould remaine in the keeping of the Earle Mar|ſhall, the Lords Erſkin, Borthwike, Rithuen: of the which, two at leaſt ſhould be always preſent. The Queene that remayned as then in Englãd, after ſhe vnderſtoode that the gouernor was de|parted towards France, returned to Edenburgh the ſeuententh of Iune, but ſhe was not ſuffered to ſee the King till Auguſt following, at what time, for feare of the peſtilence to be crept into the Caſtell,The king re|moued. hee was remoued to Cragmiller, where the Queene oftentimes came vnto him, but at length,The doubte which the Scottes had in the Quene. through ſome ſuſpition conceyued, leaſt the Queene might conuey him from thence into Englãd, he was eftſoones brought vnto the Ca|ſtell of Edenburgh, in whiche he was kept after, according to the order taken in that behalfe. The Lard of Wederborne & other bordurers, hauing conceyued no ſmall grudge for the death of the Lord Hume, and further to ſee De la Bautie ex|erciſe his office, and to rule ouer them, they con|ſpired againſte him, and therevpon beſieged the houſe of Laughton, whervpon, whẽ De la Bautie came foorthe of Dunbar, to aſſemble the men of the countrey to rayſe the ſiege, as Lieutenant of the bordures, he was chaſed by the ſayde Larde of Wedderborne & other ſo fiercely,Monſier de la Bautie ſlaine by the Lard of Wedderborne that in the end he was ſlayne, and foure Frenchmen with him: his head was cut from the ſhoulders, and ſet vp in the towne of Duns the ninetenth of Ianuary.

[figure appears here on page 428]

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