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Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 King Iames ſent a Purſeuant called Vni|corne into Fraunce,Purſeuants ſent into Eng|land & France. and another into Englande called Ilay, which Ilay requyred a ſafeconduct for an Ambaſſador to be ſent from the king hys maiſter vnto the King of Englande, but thys would not be graunted. Vpon the ſayde Ilayes returne, Monſieur de la Mote was ſent backe in|to France, and with him ſir Water Ogiluy, and EEBO page image 417 a meſſenger which the Pope had ſent into Scot|lande.Doctor Weſt ſent into Scot|land Ambaſ|ſador. And the .xvj. of March next enſuing, Doc|tor Weſt came as Ambaſſador into Scotlande from the king of England, appoynting that cer|taine Commiſſioners ſhoulde meete on the bor|ders for redreſſe of all quarels betwixt the two realms, in the Month of Iune next enſuing. And this appoyntment was kept: but no good could be done, as after ſhall appeare.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 1513The King ſent the Biſhop of Murrey into France, to ſignifie vnto the French king the meſ|ſage of the ſayde Doctor Weſt, and other things.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 In the Moneth of May, there came certaine ſhippes out of Denmarke laden with Gunnes,Munition for [...]re ſent out of Denmarke. powder, armour, and other kind of munition.

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