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Compare 1587 edition: 1 In the meane time, the Earle of Ormont after he was recouered of his hurtes (as the ſayde Boerius writeth) was preſented to the Kyng, and after he had remayned in priſon a certayne tyme,The Earle of Ormont be|headed. hee was at length beheaded. Moreouer, the Counteſſe Beatrice, after ſhe ſawe no hope left that the Earle of Dowglas ſhoulde recouer his former eſtate, came to the King,The Coũteſſe of Dowglas Beatrice, ſub|mitteth hir|ſelfe to the King. and ſubmit|ted hir ſelfe, laying all the blame in the Earle, who had procured hir vnto ſuch vnlawfull mar|riage with him, being hir former huſbandes bro|ther. The king receyued hir right curteouſly, and gaue to hir the Baronie of Baluay, to mayne|tayne therewith hir eſtate. Shortly after alſo,The Coũteſſe of Roſſe. the Counteſſe of Roſſe fledde from hir huſbande, and came to the King for feare of hir huſbands cruel|tie, whereof ſhe had alredy partly taſted. The King, bycauſe hee hadde made the marriage be|twixt hir and hir huſband, aſſigned hir foorth ſuf|ficient reuenewes alſo for the mayntenaunce of hir eſtate.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 About the ſame time,Patricke Thornton. Patrick Thornton one of the Kings ſeruauntes, but a fauourer of the Dowglas, ſlewe Iohn Sãdelands of Calder the Kings Couſin, and Alane Steward at Dunbri|ton, for that they fauored the contrary faction: but the King getting the offender into his hands, cauſed him and his complices to die for theyr wicked offence committed.

The vniuerſi|tie of Glaſgew founded.

1455 Death of no|ble men.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The vniuerſitie of Elaſgow was foũded about this tyme by one Turnebull, Byſhop of that ſea.

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