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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Herewith alſo,The Lord Hamylton departeth from the Dowglas. the Lorde Hamylton beeing wiſer than the reſidue, bad the Dowglas fare|well, and ſo departed, concluding that hee ſhould neuer ſee ſo faire a day agayne, wherein he might haue caſt the dice for the whole Kingdome. And EEBO page image 394 being thus departed from the Dowglas, hee re|payred to the King as then lying at the ſeege of Abircorne, who ſente him to the Caſtell of Ro|ſleyn, there to remayne vnder ſafekeeping with the Earle of Orkney, to whom the ſame Ca|ſtell belonged: but at length, ye King did not only pardon this Lorde Hamilton of all paſſed offen|ces, but alſo receyued hym into ſuch fauour, that he gaue to him his eldeſt daughter in mariage, as after ſhall appeare. But now vpon the withdra|wing thus of the ſayd Lorde Hamilton from the Dowglas,The Earle of Dowglas his company ſhrinketh from him. bycauſe the King had ſet foorthe alſo an open proclamation of pardon to all thoſe that woulde forſake the Earle of Dowglas, the moſt part of the ſame Earles company departed from him,He withdra|weth into England. by reaſon whereof, he fledde into Englande togither with his brethren.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The King lying at the ſeege of Abircorne loſt diuers of hys men, beſydes many that were wounded, but yet taking firſte a ſtrong Towre, being one of the chiefeſt lymmes of that fortreſſe, ſhortly after he wanne the reſt.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Earle of Dowglas beeing withdrawen (as ye haue heard) into Englãd, within a whyle after gote togither certayne companies of men, and with the ſame returned agayne into Scot|land by the weſt bordures,He inuadeth Scotland. in hope to find friends in thoſe parties: but ſuch as the king had appoin|ted there to defend the countrey, aſſembling them ſelues togither, and ſetting vpon hym, diſcomfi|ted his people,

The Earle of Dowglas diſcomfited. Archebalde Dowglas Earle of Mur|rey ſlayne.

Earle of Or|mond taken. Donald Earle of Roſſe.

ſlewe his brother Archebalde, and tooke the Earle of Ormont priſoner, being firſte ſore wounded. The Baron of Baluay eſcaped into a Wood and ſo gote away. The Earle him|ſelf alſo as Hector Boetius hath, eſcaped by flight and gote him vnto Dunſtafage, where finding Donalde Earle of Roſſe and Lord of the Iſles, he procured him (beeing of nature enclined and ready ynough to followe ſuch counſell) to make warre in his fauoure againſte the King. And af|ter hee hadde once ſet hym a worke, he gote hym backe agayne into Englande. Donalde waſted not only the Kings poſſeſſions that lay neere to Dunſtafage, but alſo paſſing through Argile, dyd muche hurte in all places where hee came. He inuaded alſo the Iſle of Arrane, and chaſed the Biſhoppe of Liſmore, conſtreyning hym to take Sayntuarie. This done, hee entred into Lochquhabir, and ſo into Murray lande, where he brente the towne of Inuernes, and wanne the Caſtell by a guilefull trayne.

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