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Compare 1587 edition: 1 This battaile was fought the .xxiij. of Ianua|rie,


The Caſtell of Edenburgh beſieged.

in the yeare of our Lorde .1445.

This yeare alſo, or (as Hector Boetius hath in the yere next inſuing) the caſtell of Edenburgh was beſieged by the ſpace of .ix. monethes by the king & the Erle of Dowglas, ſir Williã Creich|ton being within it. At length it was giuen ouer vpon certain cõditions, & the ſaid ſir William re|ſtored to the office of Chancellor againe: but hee would not meddle with the ordering of the kings buſineſſe, ſtaying for a time more conuenient.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 Sir Iames Stewarde ſurnamed the blacke knight, huſband to the Queene the kings mother,Iames Steward is baniſhed the realme. was baniſhed the realme for ſpeaking wordes a|gainſt the miſgouernment of the king & realme, wherwith he offended the Erle of Dowglas. As he paſſed the ſeas towards Flanders,He dyed. he was takẽ by the Flemings, & ſhortly after departed this life. The queen his wife being aduertiſed of his death, died alſo within a while after,

The Queene dyed.


& was buried in the Charterhouſe of Perth the .xv. of Iuly in ye yeare 1446. Hir name was Iane Somerſet, daughter to the Erle of Somerſet. Iames the firſt maried hir (as before ye may reade) in England. She had by him .viij. childrẽ, two ſonnes, & .vj. daughters, which were all honourably maried, the firſt na|med Margaret, to the Dolphin of Fraunce: the ſeconde Eleanore, to the Duke of Brytayne: the thirde, to the Lorde of Terueer in Zelande: the fourth, to the Duke of Auſtrich: the fifth, to the Earle of Huntley: and the ſixth, to the Earle of Morton. And by Iames Stewarde hir ſeconde huſbande ſhe had three ſonnes: Iohn Earle of A|thole, Iames Erle of Buchquhan, and Androw Biſhop of Murrey. Soone after, ſir William Creichton, with the Biſhop of Dunkelde, & Ni|cholas Oterburn a Canon of Glaſg [...]w were ſent in ambaſſade vnto the duke of Gelderland for his daughter called Marie,King Iames maryed a daughter of Gelderland. to be ioyned in mariage with K. Iames. Their ſuite was obteyned, & the Ladie ſent into Scotland nobly accõpanied with diuerſe Lordes both ſpirituall and temporall.

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