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Compare 1587 edition: 1 At hir arryuall ſhee was receyued by the EEBO page image 389 king with great triumph, and the maryage ſo|lemnized by the aſſiſtaunce of all the Nobles of Scotland, with great banketting, ioyfull myrth, and all pleaſant intertainment of thoſe ſtrangers that might be.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 1447In the yeare. 1447. ther was a Parliament holden at Edenbourgh, in the which ſir Alexan|der Leuingſton of Calender late gouernor, Ia|mes Dundas, and Robert Dundas knightes, a [...] the purſuite of the Earle of Dowglas were for|falted and condemned to perpetuall priſon in Dunbrytan, and Iames Leuingſton his eldeſt ſonne, Robert Leuingſton Treaſorer, and Da|uid Leuingſton knights, loſt their heades.

[figure appears here on page 389]

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