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Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 The king after he came to the age of .xiiij.1444 yeres woulde not any longer be vnder the gouernment of others, but tooke the rule vpõ himſelf.The king will rule himſelfe. The Erle of Dowglas enformed thereof, came vnto him at Striueling, and put himſelfe and all he had, to re|maine at his pleaſure: wherevpon the king recei|ued him, pardoned all his paſſed miſdemeanors, and admitted him to be one of his ſpeciall friends and priuie Councellers in al his affayres. By his perſwaſion ſhortly after, ſir Alexander Leuing|ſton, and William Creichton being diſcharged of their offices, were alſo put of, from the Counſell, and all their friends baniſhed the Court, and they themſelues were ſommoned to appeare before the king, which bycauſe they refuſed to do, they were proclamed rebels, and put to the horne. The Erle Dowglas then for the olde grudge he bare them, rayſed an army & haried their lands. In reuenge wherof, ſir William Chreichton ſpoyled the Erle of Dowglas his lands, ſo that great trouble was rayſed through the whole countrey, & the lands of Strabroke, Abircorn, & the towne of Blackneſſe were burnt & deſtroyed. The Earle of Dowglas ruled wholy about the king, & made Archebald his brother Erle of Murrey, by ioyning him in mari|age with a Lady of the houſe of Dunbar heretrix therof. Moreouer Hew Dowglas was made erle of Ormont. Thus the Erle of Dowglas aduan|ced his name, & ioyned in friendſhip with the Erle of Crawford, wt Donald Erle of the Iles, & with the Erle of Ros, to ye end that ech of thẽ ſhould be aſſiſtãt to others. In this meane time the Erle of Crawford at the requeſt of the Erle of Dowglas tooke a great pray of goodes forth of the Biſhop of S. Androws lands in Fife, which Biſhop hight Iames Keneder, ſiſters ſon to K. Iames the firſt, where through the Erle of Crawford on the one part, and the Earle of Huntley with the Ogyl|uies on the other, met at Arbrothe in ſette bat|taile, where the Erle of Crawford was ſlain and diuerſe Barons on his ſide, although the victorie EEBO page image 388 and field remayned with his ſonne the maiſter of Crawforde, who ſucceeded his father, and was called Earle Beirdy. On the Erle of Huntleys ſyde were ſlaine, Iohn Forbes of Petſlege, A|lexander Berckley of Gartulye, Robert Max|well of Telyne, William Gurdun of Burrow|fielde, Sir Iohn Oliphant of Aberdagie, and fiue hundred more on theyr ſyde: and one hun|dred of the victorers were alſo ſlaine, as Hector Boetius hath.

[figure appears here on page 388]

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Who likewiſe reporteth that the occaſion of thys battayle dyd chaunce through the vary|aunce that fell ou [...]e betwixt the Earle of Craw|fordes eldeſt ſonne Alexander Lyndſey, and A|lexander Ogilbye, or Ogiluie, (as ſome write him) aboute the office of the Balifewike of Ar|broth, the which the Maiſter of Crawforde en|ioying, was diſplaced and put out by the ſayde Ogiluie. Wherevpon the Maiſter of Crawforde to recouer his right (as he tooke it) got a power to|gither with helpe of the Hamiltons, and with the ſame ſeaſed vpon the Abbay, and Ogiluie with helpe of the Erle of Huntly, came thither with an armie to recouer the place againe out of his ad|uerſaries handes, and ſo vpon knowledge hereof gyuen vnto the Earle of Crawforde, he himſelfe comming from Dundee vnto Arbroth at the ve|ry inſtant when the battails were readie to ioyne, cauſed firſt his ſonne to ſtay, & after calling forth ſir Alexander Ogiluie to talke with him in pur|poſe to haue made peace betwixt him & his ſonne, was thruſt into the mouth with a ſpeare, by a cõ|mon ſouldier that knewe nothing what his de|maundment, ſo that he fel downe therewith, and preſently died in the place: whervpon togither the parties went incõtinently without more protrac|ting of time, and ſo fought with ſuch ſucceſſe as before ye haue heard. The Erle of Huntley eſca|ped by flight: but Alexander Ogiluie being taken and ſore wounded, was led to the caſtel of Finel|uin, where ſhortly after he died of his hurtes.

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