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Compare 1587 edition: 1 The daughter of Syward erle of Northum|berland, wife to king Dun|cane.But ſhortely after it chaunced that king Duncane hauing two ſonnes by his wife which was the daughter of Sywarde Earle of Nor|thumberland, he made the elder of them cleped Malcolme prince of Cumberlande, as it were thereby to appoint him his ſucceſſor in the king|dome, [figure appears here on page 244] immediatly after his deceaſſe.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Makbeth ſore troubled herewith, for that he ſawe by this meanes his hope ſore hindered, (where by the olde lawes of the realme, the ordi|nance was, that if he that ſhoulde ſucceede were not of able age to take the charge vpon himſelfe; he that was nexte of bloud vnto him, ſhoulde be admitted) he beganne to take counſell howe he might vſurpe the kingdome by force,Makbeth ſtu|dieth whiche way he may take the king|dome by force hauing a iuſte quarell ſo to do (as he tooke the mater,) for that Duncane did what in him lay to defraude him of all maner of title and clayme, whiche hee mighte in tyme to come, pretende vnto the crowne.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The woordes of the three weird ſiſters alſo,Propheſies moue men to vnlawfull at|temptes. (of whome before ye haue heard) greatly encou|raged him herevnto, but ſpecially his wife lay ſore vpon him to attempt the thing, as ſhe that was very ambitious brenning in vnquenchable deſire to beare the name of a Queene.Womes deſi|rous of high eſtate.

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