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Compare 1587 edition: 1 And euen ſo came it to paſſe:Makbeth and Banquho are ſent agaynſt the rebelles. for being ſente foorth with a newe power, at his entring into Lochquhaber, the fame of his cõming put ye eni|mies in ſuche feare, that a great number of them ſtale ſecretely away from theyr captaine Mak|dowald,The rebelles forſake theyr captayne. who neuertheleſſe enforſed thereto, gaue batayle vnto Makbeth, with the reſidue whiche remained with him, but being ouercome and fle|ing for refuge into a caſtell (within the whiche hys wyfe and chyldren were encloſed,) at length when he ſaw how he coulde neyther de|fend the hold any longer againſt his enimies, nor yet vpon ſurrender be ſuffered to depart with lyfe ſaued, he firſt ſlew his wife & children,Makdowald ſleeth his wife and children, and laſtly him ſelfe. and laſtly himſelfe, leaſt if he had yeelded ſimply, he ſhoulde haue bene executed in moſt cruell wiſe for an ex|ample to other.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Makbeth entring into the caſtel by the gates, as then ſet open, founde the carkaſe of Makdo|wald lying dead there amongſt the reſidue of the ſlaine bodies, whiche when he behelde, remitting no peece of his cruell nature with that pitifull ſight,Makdowaldes head ſent to the king. Makbeths cru|eltie. he cauſed the head to be cut off, and ſet vpõ a pooles ende, & ſo ſent it as a preſent to the king who as then lay at Bertha.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 The headleſſe trunke he commaunded to be hong vp vpõ an high payre of gallowes. Them of the Weſterne Iſles, ſuyng for pardon in that they had ayded Makdowald in his trayterous enterpryſe, he fined at great ſummes of money: and thoſe whom he tooke in Lochquhabir, being come thither to beare armure agaynſt the king, he put to execution.

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