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Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 He vſed alſo ſuche ſubtile perſwaſions and forged allurements, that in a ſmall time he had got togither a mightie power of men: for out of the weſterne Iſles, there came vnto him a great multitude of people, offering themſelues to aſſiſt him in that rebellious quarell, and out of Ire|land in hope of the ſpoyle came no ſmall nũber of Kernes & Galloglaſſes offering gladly to ſerue vnder him, whither it ſhoulde pleaſe him to lead them.Makdowald diſcomfiteth the kings power. Makdowald thus hauing a mightie puyſ|ſaunce about him, encountred with ſuche of the kings people as were ſẽt againſt him into Loch|quhabir, and diſcomfiting them, by fine force tooke theyr captaine Malcolme, and after the end of the batayle ſmoote of his head.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The ſmal skil of the king in warlike af|fayres.This ouerthrow beyng notified to the king, did put him in wonderfull feare, by reaſon of his ſmall ſkill in warlyke affayres. Calling therfore his nobles to a counſell, willed them of their beſt aduiſe for the ſubduing of Makdowald and o|ther the rebelles.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Here in ſundry heades (as it euer happeneth) being ſundry opinions, whiche they vttered ac|cording to euery man his ſkill, at length Mak|beth [figure appears here on page 240] ſpeaking muche againſt the kings ſoftneſſe, & ouer muche ſlackneſſe in puniſhing offenders,Makbeth [...] of|fe [...]. whereby they had ſuch time to aſſemble togither, he promiſed notwithſtanding, if the charge were committed vnto him and to Banquho, ſo to or|der the mater, that the rebelles ſhould be ſhortly vanquiſhed and quite put downe, and that not ſo much as one of them ſhoulde be founde to make reſiſtance within the countrey.

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