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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Banquho the Thane of Lochquhaber,Banquho Thane of Lochquhaber. The houſe of the Stewards. of whõ the houſe of the Stewardes is diſcended, the whiche by order of lynage hath nowe for a long time enioyned the crowne of Scotlande, euen till theſe our dayes, as he gathered the finaunces due to the king, and further puniſhed ſomewhat ſharpely ſuche as were notorious offenders, be|ing aſſayled by a number of rebelles inhabiting in that countrey,A mutenie a|mongſt the people of Lochquhaber. and ſpoyled of the money and all other things, had muche ado to get away with life after he had receyued ſundry grituous woundes amongſt them. Yet eſcaping theyr handes after he was ſomewhat recouered of his hurtes and was able to ride, he repayred to the courte, where making his complaint to the king in moſt earneſt wiſe, he purchaſed at length that the offenders were ſente for by a Sergeant at armes, to appeare to make aunſwere vnto ſuche mater as ſhoulde be layde to theyr charge, but they augmenting theyr miſcheeuous acte with a more wicked deede, after they had mi [...] the meſſenger with ſundry kindes of reproches,A ſergeant at armes, ſlayne by the rebels. they finally ſlew him alſo.

[figure appears here on page 239]

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Then doubting not but for ſuche contemp|tuous demeanour agaynſt the kings rega [...] au|thoritie, they ſhoulde be inuaded with all the power the king coulde make,Makdowald offereth him|ſelfe to be cap|taine of the rebelles. Makdowalde out of great eſtimation amongſt them making firſt a confederacie with his neareſt frendes and kinſmen, tooke vpon him to be chiefe captayne of all ſuche rebelles, as woulde ſta [...]de againſt the king, in maintenance of theyr grieuous offences lately cõmitted againſt him. Many ſlanderous wordes alſo, & rayling [...] this M [...] vtter [...] againſt his prince, calling him [...] faynt harted milkeſop, more [...] to gouerne a ſort of idle monkes in ſome cloyſter, than to [...] EEBO page image 240 of ſuche valiant and hardy men of warre as the Scottes were.

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