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Compare 1587 edition: 1 On midſomer day whiche is the feaſt day of Saint Iohn Baptiſt, there was ſuche a vehe|ment froſte, that the corne and other fruytes of EEBO page image 239 the earth were blaſted and killed, ſo that there|vpon followed a great dearth in al the countrey.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Dun|can.AFter Malcolme ſuc+ceeded his Nephew Duncan, the ſonne of his doughter Beatrice: for Malcolme had two daughters,Duncan king of Scotland. ye one which was this Beatrice, be|ing giuen in mariage vnto one Abbanath Crinen, a man of great nobilitie, and Thane of the Iſles and weſt partes of Scotlande, bare of that mariage the foreſayd Duncan: The other called Doada, was maried vnto Synell the Thane of Glammis, by whom ſhe had iſſue one Makbeth a valiant gẽtleman,Makbeth. and one that if he had not bene ſomewhat cruell of nature, might haue bene thought moſt worthie the gouernmẽt of a realme. On the other parte,Duncan of too ſoft a nature. Duncan was ſo ſofte and gentle of nature, that the people wiſhed the inclinations & maners of theſe two confines to haue bene ſo tempered and enterchaungeably beſtowed betwixt them, that where the one had to much of clemẽcie, and the other of crueltie, the meane vertue betwixt theſe twoo extremities, might haue reygned by indifferent particion in them bothe, ſo ſhoulde Duncan haue proued a worthy king, and Makbeth an excellent cap|taine.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The beginning of Duncanes reigne was ve|ry quiet & peaceable, without any notable trou|ble, but after it was perceyued how negligent he was in puniſhing offenders, many miſruled per|ſons tooke occaſion thereof to trouble the peace and quiet ſtate of the common wealth, by ſedi|tious commotions whiche firſte had theyr be|ginnings in this wiſe.

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