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Compare 1587 edition: 1 In the meane time king Sueno hearing of theſe ouerthrowes whiche his people had in ſuch ſort receyued at the Scottiſhmens handes, as a prince of a right haulte courage, not lightly o|uercome with any aduerſe fortune, made prepa|ration in all ſpeedy wiſe to be reuenged,Sueno prepa|reth the third time to inuade Scotland. appoin|ting his brother Canute, as then hauing the ad|miniſtration of Denmarke, to come from thence with a newe fleete and army againſt the Scots

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Canute bro|ther vnto Sue|no, appointed generall to come againſt the Scottes.It is ſayd that this Canute according to or|der preſcribed him by his brother Sueno, landed firſt in Buchquhane, and deſtroyed a great parte of that countrey by fire and ſworde, in reuenge of the ſlaughter of his countrey men the Danes, whiche had bene there made lately before.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Malcolme ſore kindled in wrath by theſe in|iuries, though through cõtinuance of the warres his power was greatly decayed, yet did hee aſ|ſemble an army with all ſpeede he could deuiſe, & marched with the ſame towardes the Danes,King Mal|colmes deter|mination. in purpoſe to ſtay them with often ſkirmiſhes and light encounters, but in nowiſe to ieoparde with them in any pight field or generall bataile, for feare leaſt if he had the ouerthrow, he ſhoulde not be able to furniſh a new power for defence of his countrey, againſt the rage of the enimies.

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