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Compare 1587 edition: 1 EEBO page image 3 Gathe|lus. [figure appears here on page 3] HEre Ga+thelus be+ng [...]ntituled [...]oy the name of [...] king, de|uiſed and or| [...]eyne [...] lawes or his people to lyue by,He maketh lawes and or|dinances. that the City myghte not only be fenced with ſtrong walles, but alſo with good and holeſome ſtatutes and ordinaunces, the chiefeſt fortifications that may be for al Ci|ties and Countreys. And bycauſe he would not onely haue his ſayde people to liue vnder one lawe, but alſo to be known and called by one name, he gaue cõmaundement that they ſhould be all called Scottiſhmen (as before is ſayde) of his wife Scota.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 In continuance of time, this nation grewe to a wõderful multitude,The Spani|ardes fight with the Scot [...] infortunately. ſo that the Spaniards doubting the worſt, determined to foreſee reme|die in tyme, and herevpon purpoſing vtterly to deſtroy them, got them againe to armour, and with their whole puiſſance comming vpon the Scottiſh men, gaue them a ſore battaile, though in the ende they were put to flight, the victorie remayning with the Scottiſh men, albeit not without great bloudſhed on eyther part, as the Scottiſh hyſtorie ſayth.

[figure appears here on page 3]

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