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Compare 1587 edition: 1 This victory put Gathelus and his folkes in hope of good ſucceſſe to haue their a place for them to inhabite in,A communi|cation. and ſo to end their long wandering in ſtraunge and vncertaine places. And to the in|tent they might bring their purpoſe the more eaſily to paſſe, they found meanes by way of commu|nication to ioyne in friendſhip with the Spanyardes, and obtayning of them a plotte where they might buylde a place for to inhabite in:Gathelus buil|deth the Citie Bracchara. ſhortly after they began the foundation of a Citie neare to the bankes of the Riuer called of auncient tyme Mundus, and afterwardes Bracchara.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 It chaunced after this, that the Spanyardes (perceyuing theſe ſtraungers to increaſe further in puyſa [...]nce, than (as they thought) ſtoode well with theyr ſecuritie) ſought diuerſe occaſions to fal at debate with them, and to make warres vpon them: But when they vnderſtoode that Gathelus was as ready to defend,A conſultation as they were to inuade, they eftſoones fell to a communication, and perſwa|ded with Gathelus that it ſhould be beſt for him and his people, for the auoyding of variance, to re|moue vnto the Northſide of Spayne, lying vpon the coaſtes of the Cantabrian ſeas, nowe called Galitia (where he ſhould finde much voyde grounde, by reaſon of the ſmal number of Inhabitants) adding that if they would ſo do,

Gathelus left Portingale, and went into Galitia.

He builded a Citie called Brigantia, and nowe Com|poſtella.

they would ayde them to the vttermoſt agaynſt all ſuch as ſhoulde attempt to diſquiet their indeuours in any maner of wiſe.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 This offer Gathelus gladly accepted, and cauſing publike ſacrifice to be celebrate in honour of the Goddes, he departed with all his people into Galitia, and there concluding a league with the in|habitants, buylded a Citie, which he named Brigantia, but after it was called Nouium, and now Compoſtella.

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