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Compare 1587 edition: 1 He landed in Portingale.There be that haue written how it ſhould be cleped Port Gathele of this Gathelus, and certaine yeares after Luſitania, and eftſoones agayne in a maner to haue got the former name being ſome|what corruptly called Portingale. But who is able in a mater of ſuch auncientie to auowche any thing for truth?

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Gathelus with his companie beyng thus come to lande, ſought abrode in the countrey for vy|tayles and ſuch other neceſſarie things as they wanted (for their long being on the Seas had wa|ſted all their purueyance:The inhabi|tants reſiſt Gathelus. Were ouer|throwne. whoſe arriual being once knowen in the countrey, the people aſſembled to|gither, and fiercely encountring with the ſtraungers, after ſharpe and cruell fight, in the ende the Spanyardes were put to the worſe and chaſed out of the fielde.

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Compare 1577 edition: 1 There be that haue written how it should be cleped port Gathele of this Gathelus, and certeine yeares He landed in Portingale. after Lusitania, and eftsoones againe in a maner to haue got the former name, being somewhat corrupt|lie called Portingale. But who is able in a matter of such anciencie to auouch anie thing for truth?

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 EEBO page image 30 Gathelus with his companie being thus come to land, sought abroad in the countrie for victuals, and such other necessarie things as they wanted (for their long being on the seas had wasted all their The inhabi|tants resist Gathelus. purueiance:) whose arriuall being once knowne in the countrie, the people assembled togither, and fiercely incountring with the strangers, after sharpe and cruell fight, in the end the Spaniards were put to the woorst and chased out of the field. This victorie put Gathelus and his folks in hope of good successe to haue there a place for them to inhabit in, and so to end their long wandering in strange and vncer|teine places. And to the intent they might bring their purpose the more easilie to passe, they found means by way of communication to ioine in friend|ship A communi|cation. Gathelus buildeth the citie Brac|chara. with the Spaniards, and obteining of them a plot where they might build a place for to inhabit in; shortlie after they began the foundation of a citie néere to the banks of the riuer called of ancient time Mundus, and afterwards Bracchara.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 It chanced after this, that the Spaniards (percei|uing these strangers to increase further in puissance than, as they thought, stood well with their securitie) sought diuerse occasions to fall at debate with them, and to make warres vpon them: but when they vn|derstood that Gathelus was as readie to defend, as they were to inuade, they estsoones fell to a commu|nication, & persuaded with Gathelus, that it should A communi|cation. be best for him and his people, for the auoiding of va|riance to remooue vnto the northside of Spaine, li|eng vpon the coasts of the Cantabrian seas, now called Galitia (where he should find much void ground, by reason of the small number of inhabi|tants) adding that if they would so doo, they would aid them to the vttermost against all such as should attempt to disquiet their indeuours in anie maner Gathelus lest Portingale, and went into Galitia. He builded a citie called Brigantia, and now Compostella. of wise. This offer Gathelus gladlie accepted, and causing publike sacrifice to be celebrated in honor of the gods, he departed with all his people into Gali|tia, and there concluding a league with the inhabi|tants, builded a citie which he named Brigantia, but after it was named Nouium, and now Com|postella.